Juice to Increase Sperm Count

A healthy sperm count makes it easier for you to impregnate your partner. Unfortunately, many men are facing infertility issues due to low sperm count. As many as 1-6 couples find it difficult to get pregnant due to low sperm count-related infertility.

What is low sperm count? Your sperm count is lower than usual if you have less than 15 million sperm per millimeter of semen. Thankfully, low sperm count is a problem that you can fix by eating foods that increase sperm count, exercising, and managing stress levels.

One of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to boost your sperm count is drinking juices rich in specific vitamins and minerals. The natural sugars in juice provide energy, and its nutrients help produce healthy sperm. Aside from increasing your sperm count, vitamin-rich juices can improve sperm motility, making it easy for your sperm to move and reach the egg. Let’s take a look at some of the best juices to increase sperm count.

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How Does a Good Diet Improve Sperm Count? 

Did you know that the quality of human semen has declined by 50-60% over the last 60 years? The biggest contributors to this decline are a high-fat diet and obesity due to unhealthy lifestyles. 

These two factors greatly affect spermatozoa’s structure, development, and health. Additionally, they increase estrogen levels and decrease testosterone levels, leading to a decrease in semen quality. Can losing weight increase sperm count? Weight loss significantly boosts semen volume, concentration, and sperm motility.

How can you improve the health of your sperm? A healthy dietary model improves sperm quality and diminishes the risk of abnormal sperm count, motility, DNA fragmentation, and morphology. Foods that are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals, such as selenium, improve the health and quality of sperm. Here are some of the foods that you can add to your daily diet, smoothies, and juices to help improve your sperm count.


After realizing your sperm count is low, you’ve probably searched for answers to questions like “do almonds increase sperm count?”. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts are rich in nutrients that foster the production of healthy sperm.

These nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E that help preserve the structural integrity of sperm. Also, they aid in regulating hormones, which is important for improving sperm production.

Aside from fatty acids and minerals, nuts are also rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent tissue damage from free radical cells, minimizing oxidative stress and inflammation, which can lead to infertility.

For best results, try adding two handfuls of nuts to your breakfast daily or sprinkling them on salads for lunch.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are essential foods when it comes to increasing sperm count. They contain antioxidants such as lycopene, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, which protect the sperm from oxidative damage.

Lycopene is found in tomatoes and watermelons, while vitamin C can be obtained from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and limes. Beta-carotene is mainly present in yellow and orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.

The dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables is also essential in improving sperm health. Fiber promotes the production of short-chain fatty acids and improves gut microbiota, which in turn, enhances spermatogenesis and sperm quality.


Avocado is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that help improve your sperm count. The antioxidants present in avocados help protect your sperm from harmful free radicals, while the unsaturated fats enhance their motility.

Avocados also contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress in the body and thus protects sperm against cell death and DNA damage.


Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which support normal sperm morphology. Also, these fatty acids promote antioxidant activity in your seminal fluid, which is important for the health of your sperm.

Fish also contain selenium, an essential mineral in increasing sperm count. Selenium helps produce healthy sperms by supporting their motility and morphology.

If you want to increase your sperm production, try eating fish such as salmon, halibut, or tuna at least twice a week.


Eggs are packed with proteins and essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, folate, selenium, zinc, and DHA, that aid in producing healthy sperm.

Eggs also contain choline and lecithin, two compounds that improve the structure of sperm cells by preventing lipid peroxidation. Furthermore, they help enhance the production of spermatozoa, thereby increasing your sperm count. Adding boiled eggs to your breakfast or an egg sandwich to lunch daily can make a huge difference if you want to increase your sperm count.

Which Supplements Help Increase Sperm Count? 

If you’re looking for medication to increase sperm count, supplements can help. When choosing a supplement to help increase sperm count, go for a clinically approved one. Being clinically approved means the supplement has been tested for safety and effectiveness. Also, look for a supplement that combines different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other key nutrients that have been proven to improve fertility and sperm production in men.

Ingredients in Semenax are 100% natural and clinically approved formula that helps boost sperm volume by 20% in 2 weeks. This supplement combines 18 extracts that work together to increase the motility, vitality, and count of your sperm.

Let’s take a look at some of the supplements that can help increase your sperm count.

Vitamin C

You probably know that Vitamin C boosts your body’s immunity, but do you know that this vitamin can contribute greatly to your sperm count and overall fertility? Vitamin C is an important vitamin for male fertility. It’s been reported that men with lower levels of Vitamin C have low sperm quality.

This vitamin is an antioxidant, meaning that it helps protect your body against high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS). High levels of ROS lead to inflammation and tissue injury, which increase the risk of chronic disease.

Vitamin C also steps in when your body’s defense against oxidative stress is low due to a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or smoking. This protects your sperm against oxidative damage and improves their overall health.

Studies have found that taking 1000mg of Vitamin C supplements twice daily boosts sperm motility by 92% and sperm count by more than 100%.

Vitamin B12 

The role of vitamins to increase sperm volume cannot be understated. In addition to vitamin C, vitamin B12 supplements have many positive effects on semen quality and sperm physiology. These supplements increase the functionality of your reproductive organs. Studies have found that these supplements reduce:

The level of oxidative damage to sperm

Semen impairment due to inflammation

Oxidative damage to sperm

Additionally, they play a huge role in improving sperm concentration and motility.


Zinc is one of the most essential minerals in male fertility. Studies have reported that zinc deficiency is one of the biggest risk factors for low sperm quality and count.

Zinc supplements help improve sperm quality, which then increases sperm concentration and motility. Furthermore, they also help reduce DNA damage and increase the production of healthy sperm cells.

Zinc supplements also modulate serum testosterone levels and boost the production of testosterone. Does testosterone increase sperm count? Yes, it does by stimulating spermatogenesis, which is the production of sperm cells.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like compound and a powerful antioxidant. It protects your sperm against damage done by oxidative stress, which is the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in our body.

Coenzyme Q10 supplements also reduce apoptosis (cell death) of sperm cells, while enhancing their motility and vitality. Studies have found that coenzyme Q10 increases total sperm count, motility, and viability significantly.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another vital nutrient that helps improve male fertility and sperm health. Vitamin D is mainly produced by the body after sun exposure, but it can also be found in certain foods such as eggs, fatty fish, mushrooms, and fortified milk.

Studies have shown that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to infertility and low sperm count. This is because Vitamin D helps regulate the production of testosterone and other hormones that are important for sperm health.

Vitamin D is also an antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress, which in turn improves sperm quality. In addition, this vitamin helps protect the DNA in your sperm cells against damage.

Although vitamin D is readily available from the sun, taking supplements, especially for the months when the sun isn’t shining brightly is highly recommended. This can help ensure that you have the optimal level of Vitamin D in your body to maintain healthy sperm count and quality.

Aside from these supplements, you can explore herbs to increase sperm count as some have been proven to be equally beneficial. These include:

  • Tribulus Terrestris: Studies have found that taking 6 grams of this root twice a day for 6 months increased sperm count and motility. 
  • Ginkgo biloba: This herb increases blood flow to the genitals, thus improving fertility in men with erectile dysfunction. 
  • Ashwagandha: This herb has been shown to restore healthy testosterone levels and increase sperm count by up to 53%.

Which Fruits Increase Sperm Count and Motility?

Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for sperm health. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, folate, and antioxidants. Here is a breakdown of some of the best fruits to boost your sperm count and motility.


Pomegranate fruit and juice have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for fertility issues. This blood-red fruit is rich in antioxidants, which help protect your sperm cells against oxidative damage and free radicals.

Pomegranate juice has also been shown to improve sperm count and motility. A study published in the journal Urology found that drinking up to 8 ounces of pomegranate juice per day improved sperm motility by up to 20%. Taking one cup of pomegranate daily will help you achieve 30% of your daily vitamin C requirement, making this fruit ideal for improving your sperm count and motility.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus includes oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which helps improve sperm health and quality. Vitamin C improves blood flow to the body. Increased blood flow can help you maintain an erection if you’re struggling with maintaining one.

Studies have found that grape juice concentrate prevents cadmium-induced damage to the epididymis, an important part of the male reproductive organ that gives sperm its motility. Further, this juice helps improve sperm count and maintain a normal sperm structure. Due to its ability to protect the epididymis, grape juice allows successful sperm maturation.


Bananas are a nutrient-rich fruit that contains folate, Vitamin C, A, B6 and zinc. These nutrients help protect the DNA in your sperm cells from damage, thus improving their quality and quantity.

Bananas contain an enzyme called Bromelain, which has been found to improve testosterone levels for men who exercise regularly and increase sperm motility by up to 40%.

Bananas are packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the body. Adding a banana or two to your daily diet can help improve your sexual health and fertility.


Does pineapple increase sperm count? Pineapple is a great source of vitamin C, which helps improve sperm health and motility. Also, this fruit is rich in zinc and vitamins B1 and B6 which have been found to improve libido.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protect sperm cells from oxidative damage. Studies have found that lycopene can increase sperm count and motility by up to 70%, while also reducing the number of abnormal sperm cells.

Tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, which help boost your overall fertility. Consuming tomatoes in any form, either fresh or canned, can help improve overall fertility in men.


Taking care of your diet goes a long way toward improving sperm count and overall sperm health. If you were wondering which juice to increase sperm count you should take and what the benefits of these juices are, the answer is clear. Drink juice made from any of the fruits and herbs mentioned above to help boost your fertility. 

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins can also help maintain healthy sperm count and motility levels. Additionally, it’s important to limit your consumption of processed foods as these are high in chemicals that can affect your fertility levels.

If you decide to use supplements, make sure that you get advice from your doctor first. This is especially helpful if you’re taking other medication as the doctor understands how they’ll interact with the supplements. Finally, try to get some exercise and engage in activities that de-stress you, as stress can have a negative impact on your sperm health.

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