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Illuminatural 6i®

  • Reduce Moles, Age Spots & Skin Blemishes
  • Contributes to Beautiful Complexion
  • Results Beginning in Just 4 Weeks
  • No Mercury or Toxic Substances
  • 6 Clinically Proven Active Skin Lighteners

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You Get: 1 Bottle of Illuminatural 6i!

You Get: 1 Bottle of Illuminatural 6i!

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You Get: 3 Bottles of Illuminatural 6i!

You Get: 6 Bottles of Illuminatural 6i!

You Get: 6 Bottles of Illuminatural 6i!

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Upgrade To 3 Bottles Or More For Savings!

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Skinception Illuminatural
Skinception Illuminatural
Skinception Illuminatural
Skinception Illuminatural

​​For Blemish-Free Complexion

You wouldn't (or shouldn't) use a skin lightening cream with mercury or hydroquinone because they're linked to cancer and mercury poisoning.

That's why Skinception® clients prefer Illuminatural6i® by Skinception®, because it brightens complexion with natural-based skin lighteners, without the toxins in many common skin brightening gels. And it's effective too, with clinically proven natural lighteners like niacinamide and alpha-arbutin.

You'll get the complexion you're looking for with Illuminatural6i®. Moles and age spots will fade, along with birth marks, acne spots and just about any other dark spots you'd prefer not to have!


Illuminatural 6i® is a skin-lightening serum from Skinception®. It’s made with recent developments in skin care science and is designed to reduce hyperpigmentation and work with your skin’s natural 28 day regeneration process to bring new, light skin cells to the surface.

Just as important, there is no mercury or hydroquinone in the formula! The Illuminatural 6i® formula includes:

Sodium Lactate (8%)

Well-known for its skin-whitening abilities, Sodium Lactate suppresses the action of tyrosinase – an enzyme that leads to hyperpigmentation and the blemishes that follow. One study found Sodium Lactate made ‘significant’ whitening results in 95% of volunteers who used it for 24 days, applied three times daily at an 8% concentration.

Niacinamide (5%)

A natural-based skin lightener, Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3. Use it for just two months and you’re likely to see significant skin lightening and fewer skin blemishes. That’s the conclusion of numerous studies, including one which found it reduced hyperpigmentation by an average 25% among Japanese women who used it for 8 weeks.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (5%)

Derived from Vitamin C, studies suggest Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is up to 200% more effective for skin whitening when combined with Sodium Lactate than using either ingredient alone.

Whitonyl (4%)

Whitonyl is a patented ingredient. It’s shown to reduce blemish-causing melanin by up to 52%. That’s because Whitonyl limits melanogenesis and transport of melanosomes. In turn, this reduces photo-induced pigmentation.

Ronaflair Softshade (2%)

Ronaflair Soft shade is a cosmetic that uses natural mica to absorb oil and give skin a glistening appearance. As well, it helps hide skin blemishes.

Alpha-Arbutin (1%)

A much-respected natural-based skin lightener, Alpha-Arbutin significantly inhibits melanin. Studies suggest it can reduce cell melanin by up to 70%, making it ideal to reduce sun damage and age spots. It’s natural too, derived from berry shrubs (and is found in pears) and is very well-tolerated.

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