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You Get: 1 Bottle of Semenax!

You Get: 1 Bottle of Semenax!

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You Get: 2 Bottles of Semenax!

You Get: 3 Bottles of Semenax!

You Get: 3 Bottles of Semenax!

You Get: 4 Bottles of Semenax ​

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills

You Get: 4 Bottles of Semenax​

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + FREE Shipping!

You Get: 5 Bottles of Semenax​

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + Free Shipping!

You Get: 5 Bottles of Semenax ​

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + FREE Shipping!

You Get: 6 Bottles of Semenax

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + Free Shipping!

You Get: 6 Bottles of Semenax​

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + FREE Shipping!

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Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + Free Shipping!

You Get: 12 Bottles of Semenax ​

Bonus: 1 Bottle of VigRX Pills + FREE Shipping!

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​Upgrade to 2 months or more for savings!

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You Save $9.95!

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You Save $24.90!

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You Save $39.85!

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​A Longer, VERY Intense Orgasm!

Do you find it hard to believe that orgasms can be even more enjoyable? You won't after using Semenax® – in fact, we think you'll be amazed and how long your orgasms will be!

Semenax® is a natural semen volume enhancer. With more semen to ejaculate, the orgasmic muscles contract for longer and with greater intensity. The result? An orgasm that might just set off the Richter scale. The Semenax® orgasm is legendary – and you're invited to give it a try!

Remember too that Semenax® is completely natural, with nutrients that build up in your system. Keep using Semenax®, and see why over 75% of clients are repeat customers!


Semenax® is a climax-enhancing formula. Made of herbals, vitamins, minerals and sexual nutrients, it’s a powerhouse elixir made with one thing in mind: to give you the best orgasm ever! The Semenax® formula includes:

Swedish Pollen Flower

Pollen is the male cell of the plant kingdom. That means virility, vigor and jump in the bedroom – Swedish Pollen Flower is rich in biofactors for male sex hormones and will put some very fun nights in your near future!

L-Arginine HCL

Arginine is an amino acid. Studies suggest is has a positive effect on semen production, with improved sperm quality and motility as a result of supplementation.


This amino acid is shown to increase sperm production when combined with Zinc. It’s also linked to higher testosterone and greater sperm quality.

Epimedium Leaf

They also call it ‘Horny Goat Weed’. That might have something to do with the fact that it’s been used to boost libido and sperm quality since ancient times.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc appears to do very good things for testosterone. Some evidence suggests it may even boost sperm quantity and motility between 80% and 200%.


If your sperm is healthy, it may have high levels of this amino acid. L-Carnitine is also shown to help sperm move better – called ‘sperm motility’.

Catuaba Bark

This is a Brazilian herb used to strengthen the male libido and assist with better sexual function.

Pumpkin Seed 

Pumpkin seed may help your urine flow if that’s a problem. It’s also linked to better prostate wellness and hormone production.


Maca has been used for centuries by the people of South America to boost the sex drive and give men more energy.

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E may help you get hard. It may also boost your interest in sex.

Zinc Aspartate

Zinc helps your reproductive organs function. It’s also important for your prostate.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark appears to boost nitric oxide in the body, which assists with your ability to get an erection. It may also help you avoid erectile dysfunction.

Muira Puama

An aphrodisiac and libido booster, Muira Puama is a Brazilian herb that may also improve your mental focus.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry is rich in age-fighting antioxidants and may lower your blood pressure. As well, it contributes to overall cardiovascular health.


This may help keep your urinary tract healthy and assist with prostate function.

Wild Oat Straw 

Also called Avena Sativa, studies link Wild Oat Straw to greater sexual arousal. It’s been used for over 200 years in Europe for that very purpose.


Sarsaparilla may help fight impotence. It has restorative properties that may also help other sexual problems that men face over time.


Semenax® can put extreme pleasure in your bedroom! Here’s a sample of what guys say about it…

​​"The Greatest Feeling I've Ever Felt"

​I was with my girlfriend one night. I have been taking Semenax, and as we were having sex, I lasted longer. When the moment came for me to orgasm, it was the greatest feeling I've ever felt, it lasted longer, and a lot more came out. Thank you!

Vincenzo J. R., Rockhill SC

"Huge Increase in Semen"

​I have seen a huge increase in semen release. Great Product

Paul D., Springfield PA

"My Girlfriend is Very Satisfied"

​Yes, sex has definitely improved. I can come up a storm now and my girlfriend is very satisfied. My come volume definitely increased as did my overall sex drive. I will be ordering more Semenax® in the very near future...

George T. B., Fairless Hills PA

"A Lot More Semen"

​I have experienced a lot more semen and comfort ejaculating.

Sampson G., Char NC

"A Big Difference in a Month"

​I'm surprised I've seen a difference in a couple days... In a month, a big difference. I'm pretty satisfied personally with my products.

Bradley J., Richmond VA

"Doubled or Tripled in 5 Weeks!"

​Doubled or Tripled in 5 weeks! Would recommend to anyone.

Stephen D., Tunkhannock PA

"She Thinks It's Hot"

​Longest and best orgasms ever, I love it. And she thinks it's hot, a real turn on for both of us".

Rob C

"One Happy G.F!"

​BIG semen gains, stronger, harder erections, & one happy G.F!

Peter R. M., Concord MA

"Increase in Semen was My Main Priority..."

​Mainly semen increase (Ejaculation) which is why I purchased this product initially. Increase in semen was my main priority and it was satisfied.

Vince C., Belle Vernon PA

"Harder Erections, Veins More Noticeable"

​I've seen harder erections, veins more noticeable. The amount of come is slightly higher but semen is thicker.

Bill S., Wilmington DC

"Semenax® WORKS!"

​I tried Semenax® and noticed results after 3 days! I had tried other products... But Semenax® WORKS!

David B., Fountain Inn, SC

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