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​Stop Grow™

  • ​Thins Out Existing Growth
  • ​Protects Against Future Body Hair
  • ​Effective for Both Women and Men
  • ​​Can Be Used On Any Area
  • ​Reduces Need to Shave By Up to 82%
  • Envira Gallery
    ​Works On All Colors and Pigments

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You Get: 12 Bottles of Stop Grow!

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​​Get Rid of Body Hair By Up to 69%!

​A clinical study of the Stop Grow™ body hair inhibitor formula found it reduced unwanted body hair in men by up to 69%.

Stop Grow™ worked magic for women too – they enjoyed an 82% reduced need to shave their legs. And it's painless, because it (naturally) inhibits body hair during the anagen, or 'growth' phase, where the Stop Grow™ formula really goes to work.

You can use Stop Grow™ to reduce unwanted body hair anywhere, and of any color. In men that might be the chest or back, in women the underarms, upper lip or other areas. Stop Grow™ gives you that choice and a body you're proud to show!


Stop Grow™ is a body hair inhibitor. It’s made with active ingredients that are clinically shown to discourage unwanted body hair and substantially reduce the need to shave or wax. The Stop Grow™ formula includes:


This is a topical compound. It's derived from lauric acid, which is found in coconut and palm kernel oil. And if you have unwanted body hair, you should be excited about it – a clinical study of women who applied a 3% concentration of Decelerine to their legs daily for 60 days enjoyed am 82% reduced need to shave on the study's conclusion.


93% of volunteers who applied this active ingredient to their leg daily for two months (applying a placebo to the other) reduced unwanted body hair. It's a peptide designed to stunt the tyrosinase kinase activity of the IGF-1 receptor. Rough translation? It tells body hair in the growth phase not to bother sprouting body hair.


You can thank Pilisoft for reducing body hair by up to 69%. It helps reduce cellular activity in hair follicles where applied by mimicking the inhibitory effects of gymnemic acids l on phosphodiesterase activity. Pilisoft also helps make epilation and depilation-based hair removal more comfortable – and less needed.


This is an anti-irritant. Allantoin soothes angry skin and helps boost water retention in the skin. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells and assists with better complexion.


Found in many cosmetics, Panthenol is a moisturizer with keratolytic properties. When used in a body hair inhibitor, like Stop Grow™, it's shown to reduce cellular proliferation in the follicles to which it's applied.

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