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Profollica Plus® With Millet Extract

  • Millet is a CLINICALLY PROVEN Secret Weapon Against Hair Loss!
  • Helps PREVENT Hair Loss!
  • Encourages REGROWTH of Hair!
  • Sourced From GLUTEN-FREE Wheat!
  • Works for Men AND Women!
  • Helps ENHANCE Hair Growth with Profollica®!

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WARNING: It’s Not Just Men Who Lose Their Hair…

You might think hair loss is a man’s problem. That’s not completely true. Women lose hair too – and yes, it’s visible.

Do you see any of the following?

  • Hair loss in the shower
  • Hair On Your Pillow
  • Frontal Hair Loss
  • Shorter Hair

That’s because hair growth slows in men AND women as they get older. Yes, people see it – and yes, you can do something about it!

If your hair is a garden, it’s the nutrients beneath the soil that help it grow. You need to give your hair what it needs to grow longer and stronger.

Think of Profollica Plus® as fertilizer – one packed with hair-friendly nutrients that help fight the effect of aging on your follicles and prevent hair loss no matter who you are!

Why Millet Has Hair Loss Researchers VERY Excited...

A recent clinical study reveals something exciting for men and women with hair loss. It’s further proof that Profollica Plus® can help reduce the sting of hair loss and give you the confidence of looking your best.

The study was a randomized, placebo-controlled and double-blind experiment of 37 men and women in various stages of hair loss. Twenty of the volunteers took a Millet extract with Keratin powder to help reverse the hair loss process.

The remaining seventeen men and women took a placebo. The ‘Double Blind’ factor meant no person knew which one they were taking.

Among criteria being evaluated, researchers looked for hair thickness, rash, pore clogging and sebum capacity, all of which are linked to hair growth – or lack of it.

The results?

After 12 weeks of ingestion, the Millet group saw significant improvements to each of these parameters compared to those taking the placebo.

And there were other improvements. Folks who took the Millet extract also reported less hair loss when they shampooed and better hair texture as well.

There was a clear takeaway from the study: Millet helped prevent hair loss. And it’s just ONE of the exciting, NATURAL ingredients in Profollica Plus® that can help get your hair back!

Study Confirms L Cysteine Can REVERSE Hair Loss!

Millet alone can help reduce hair loss in women. But when combined with other ingredients, like L Cysteine, it’s even more effective – and can help address nutritional gaps that may affect your hair growth you might not have considered.

In 2000, a German study examined the effects of Millet on women with hair loss. But this Millet extract was combined with two further nutrients, L Cysteine and Pantothenic Acid.

Roughly half the women took the Millet/Cysteine/Pantothenic Acid oral extract. The other group took a placebo.

The study was randomized, double blind, and lasted 6 months. The study’s objective: to measure anagen hair rate – hair growth, as opposed to ‘resting’ hair.

After just four weeks, hair growth was detected in the extract group with a microscope. At three months, the same women demonstrated a ‘return’ to normal hair growth, while the placebo group showed none.

In other words, L Cysteine, Millet and Pantothenic Acid REVERSED hair loss – and, as the researchers put it, made a “significant increase in the number of individual strands of hair that evidenced growth after only three months.”

Profollica Plus® Is Ideally Formulated With Millet And L Cysteine For Maximum Hair Growth!

About 90% of men will see noticeable hair loss by age 50. Many women will experience the trauma of hair loss too.

Yes, it is trauma. One you start losing hair, it only gets worse.

Yet there's something in Profollica Plus® that brings hope to men AND women with visible hair loss. That 'something' is Millet – an ancient grain rich in proteins that strengthen hair follicles and help prevent breakage.

The results you can expect with Profollica Plus® are further enhanced by hair-friendly nutrients Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Maidenhead Fern and L Cysteine, all of which are natural and help reduce hair loss and encourage visible regrowth to boost your confidence.

Use Profollica Plus® by itself or with Profollica® and/or GenF20 Plus® for even more visible hair growth.

But be sure you do, because untreated genetic hair loss only goes in one direction!

Profollica Plus® is a natural hair loss fighting supplement. It's made with the expertise of the Profollica® and GenF20® teams and formulated with nutrients that help reduce breakage, increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate shrinking hair follicles so they once again grow hair!

The Profollica Plus® formula is:

Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium D-Pantothenate) – A form of Vitamin B, Pantothenic Acid helps metabolize fats and proteins essential to hair health. It's known to nourish and strengthen hair follicles, and rid the scalp of dead cells so new hair growth is encouraged.

Biotin – One of the most hair-friendly nutrients, Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that improves keratin infrastructure – a key protein for hair growth. A 2015 study found a biotin supplement 'significantly' increased hair growth in women with hair loss, and with less shedding as well.

Millet Extract – A gluten-free grain with high nutrient absorption, Millet is packed with hair-encouraging protein and magnesium, which helps reduce hair loss by lowering cortisol levels. Millet also helps boost blood and nutrient circulation to the scalp, and may reduce premature grey hair as well.

Maidenhead Fern – A plant native to the United Kingdom, Maidenhead Fern led to a significant improvement in follicular density and anagen to telogen ratio in a 2014 clinical study.

L Cysteine – A protein-forming amino acid, L Cysteine is one of the body's few amino acids that can form disulfide bonds. What that means: it helps hold keratin strands in the hair together. It's linked to better hair texture and thickness, and most importantly, appears to reduce hair loss as well – especially when combined with Millet and Pantothenic Acid, like in Profollica Plus®, as evidenced by a German study which found it reversed hair loss in women!


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