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GenuinePurity™ Spermidine utilizes third-party authenticated 99% pure spermidine extracted 100% from wheat germ compounds. With a research-supported dose of 8mg per serving, this elite formulation supports enhanced autophagy, a cellular mechanism necessary for discarding old or damaged cellular components, a complex process that’s critical to overall health, longevity, and positive aging outcomes.

  • 100% Natural Spermidine (Sourced From Wheat Germ)
  • Liposomal Protection System (Enhanced Absorbability)
  • 97-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
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97 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Try GenuinePurity products RISK FREE for 97 days and if they do not work for you, send back the empty containers and we will issue you a prompt, hassle-free refund.


100% Natural Spermidine Molecules

Be on your guard against those synthetic spermidine supplements. Those cheaply made “pretenders” have not been utilized by humans for hundreds of years to promote robust health benefits.

8 mg A Day

Far too many spermidine products “pump up” their serving sizes with tricky rhetoric. When, in actuality, they’re only providing a “skimpy” dose of 1 mg, 3 mg, or 5 mg. However, that’s not the case with Genuine Purity™ Spermidine. Here, what you see is precisely what you get: 8 mg of spermidine a day.

Are You Getting the Best Possible Form of Resveratrol?

Our unique spermidine formulation employs a breakthrough liposomal protection system, enhancing spermidine’s efficacy in 3 major ways:

Creates a “protective barrier” to shield spermidine molecules from gastrointestinal acids and digestive enzymes.

Supports greater solubility, making absorption into the bloodstream more efficient.

Stimulates improved cellular uptake by enabling liposomal fusion within cellular membranes, allowing spermidine molecules to enter your cells directly.

Spermidine Molecules Extracted 100% From Wheat Germ

The highest spermidine content was found in whole grain and wheat germs” - The Central European Journal of Medicine Volume 133 2021

Generally considered the most nutritious component of wheat grain, wheat germ contains a high concentration of potent health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients. Even better, it’s loaded with high-quality spermidine! Research indicates wheat germ-based spermidine enhances vital physiological processes like autophagy, promoting improved cellular wellness and contributing to excellent anti-aging benefits.


Authenticated by Third-Party Testing for First-Class Quality Reassurance

Our formula has been subjected to a meticulous third-party testing and authentication process to ensure our product is 100% legitimate, meaning you’ll get highly pure, authentic spermidine in every serving. This is an important feature, considering that the market has been flooded with low-quality, untested spermidine products since more and more studies have reported the impressive longevity benefits related to spermidine. We’re 100% committed to full transparency and, ultimately, peace of mind for you.

Spermidine Extends Lifespan

Couple Jogging
Oral supplementation of the natural polyamine spermidine extends the lifespan of mice” - Nature Medicine 2016
Spermidine is linked to increased survival in humans”- The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018
External supplementation of spermidine extends lifespan and health span across species” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018

Promotes Enhanced Autophagy

A crucial cellular process that removes or recycles old and damaged cellular elements, autophagy can be stimulated by spermidine. By incorporating spermidine molecules, cells can remove non-functioning components more effectively, promoting better overall cellular health.

Promotes Enhanced Autophagy

Chronic inflammation has been linked to age-related decline and age-induced health problems. Evidence suggests spermidine can significantly combat long-term inflammation symptoms, further boosting overall health and longevity.

Promotes Enhanced Autophagy

The key energy-producing organelles found in most human cells, mitochondrial decline is believed to play a major role in negative aging outcomes. Spermidine has been linked to enhanced mitochondrial wellness in studies.

Promotes Greater Cardiovascular Health

Spermidine feeding in mice with heart failure (HF) reduced cardiovascular pathologies, including hypertension and cardiac dysfunction” - Journal Nutrients 2022
Spermidine can improve cardiac function”- Journal Nutrients 2022

Enhanced Blood Vessel Functionality

Studies have reported spermidine can contribute to improved flexibility and dilation in blood vessels. As a result, the natural molecule could help to promote greater blood flow and healthier blood pressure.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Long-term inflammation symptoms can have a profound effect on the cardiovascular system. However, research indicates spermidine carries anti-inflammatory properties that could help to strengthen cardiovascular health.

Potent Antioxidant

Spermidine acts as a potent antioxidant, assisting the body in minimizing free radicals. Too many free radicals are a critical factor in the accumulation of oxidative stress associated with cardiovascular decline. But spermidine can help counter that.

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Enhances Metabolic Efficiency

Spermidine is a biogenic polyamine that plays a crucial role in mammalian metabolism” - Journal Nutrients 2023,data%20regarding%20spermidine%20remains%20lacking.
Spermidine reduced body weight and lipid contents in adipose tissues” - Journal Nutrients 2023
Spermidine administration lowered fat mass and plasma lipid profile” - Life Sciences 2021

Supports Insulin Sensitivity Improvements

Evidence indicates spermidine could help improve insulin sensitivity. With greater insulin sensitivity, you can expect enhanced metabolism of glucose and support against insulin resistance.

Activation of AMPK

A vital enzyme for cellular energy balance, adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK, can positively affect metabolic wellness by improving efficiency in the oxidation of fatty acids and the uptake of glucose. And it’s believed that spermidine can aid in stimulating the activation of AMPK.

Autophagy and Boosted Cellular Wellness

Studies have reported spermidine can enhance autophagy, the cellular process for discarding or recycling unusable components. This important cellular process is crucial for long-term cellular wellness and can promote greater metabolic wellness.

Maintains & Promotes Cognitive Capacity

Spermidine supplementation has shown beneficial effects on brain and cognitive health” - JAMA Network 2022
We show large-scale prospective data linking higher dietary spermidine intake with a reduced risk for cognitive impairment in humans”- Cell Reports 2022

Enhanced Neurogenesis

Emerging data points to spermidine’s capacity for the promotion of neurogenesis, the complex process by which new neurons are generated in the brain. This component of health is vital to cognitive wellness and overall brain health.

Support against Age-Induced Neurodegeneration

Preliminary studies indicate spermidine may have significant neuroprotective benefits over the long run. This may be the case because spermidine can help induce autophagy and mitigate oxidative stress, key factors linked with neuronal wellness in aging individuals.

Activation of Autophagy

A crucial aspect of spermidine’s wellness-promoting power is the activation of the cellular process, autophagy. This important cellular mechanism plays a pivotal role in promoting overall cognitive health.

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Fights Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

Spermidine appears to inhibit inflammation” - Journal of Biomedical Science 2012
Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine compound that has recently emerged with anti-aging properties and suppresses inflammation and oxidation” - Biomolecules and Therapeutics 2018

Moderating Inflammatory Response

Spermidine has shown characteristics that help to moderate the output of inflammatory mediators, such as cytokines. These molecules are an important component of the inflammatory response system, and spermidine could aid in regulating them, ultimately boosting the body’s response to inflammation.

Interfering in Inflammatory Pathways

As further support for a healthy response to inflammation, Spermidine has exhibited the ability to interfere with and potentially disrupt (for the better) signaling pathways that control inflammation. For example, spermidine may interfere with nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB), a transcription factor with tremendous influence on inflammatory response mechanisms.

Enhancing Anti-Inflammatory Defenses Through Autophagy

The ability of spermidine to stimulate autophagy can indirectly mitigate the build-up of inflammation. By enhancing the efficiency of the complex process of removing unuseful cellular components, spermidine-promoted autophagy could play a vital role in reducing this negative aspect typical of aging.

Spermidine Levels Fall With Age

Concentrations of spermidine are suppressed during aging” - Aging and Disease 2021

Studies have reported that human spermidine levels can begin to fall sharply as early as age 35 or 40. And once this decline has begun, it tends to accelerate progressively with age. Not only does this hasten the pace of aging, but it could also trigger a large number of age-related health problems.

Spermidine Promotes Greater Longevity by Enhancing Autophagy

Spermidine is revered for its ability to enhance autophagy, the cellular process necessary to remove and recycle unusable or poorly functioning cellular elements. By promoting greater autophagy, spermidine helps cells remain biologically “younger” and more efficient. This crucial process is critical to long-term cellular maintenance and helps establish greater longevity and better overall health outcomes, even as you get older. Spermidine helps this to happen.

Manufactured in the USA

Every serving of GenuinePurity Spermidine is manufactured in the United States of America. Plus, it’s made inside cGMP-certified facilities, offering consistently excellent quality and purity. We’re committed to adhering to the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure you always get spermidine in its purest form.

Supported By Our 97-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

You can try GenuinePurity Spermidine risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, redeemable for up to 97 days. Order your Spermidine today, and we’ll get your package out ASAP. If you’re unhappy with your results, for any reason at all, simply send back all the bottles, even if used, to collect a full refund of the purchase price. Sound fair to you?

We’ll Take Care of Shipping Costs

We provide free shipping everywhere in the USA and Canada. If you live in either of these countries, you can begin your GenuinePurity™ Spermidine journey today with absolutely no shipping costs. Enjoy the ride!

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The GenuinePurity™ Spermidine formula contains 99% pure spermidine sourced from wheat germ extract.

Each serving provides 8mg of spermidine.

Just take 2 capsules per day, ideally with some food.

Our money-back satisfaction guarantee is straightforward: we believe you’re going to love the results you achieve with Genuine Purity™ Spermidine. If you don’t, we’ll issue you a refund of the purchase price.

We think you should be able to try GenuinePurity™ Spermidine risk-free, and our 97-day money-back satisfaction guarantee allows you to do so.

Here’s how it works: Just place your order here today. You’ll have 97 days afterward to determine whether GenuinePurity™ Spermidine is right for you. If it’s not, just send back the used and unused packaging to get a refund. Seem fair to you?

Ordering right here is fast, safe, and easy. Just scroll up and click on the package you’d like to purchase. We offer 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month packages that can get you started on your journey today!

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