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GenF20® Plus

GenF20® Plus works by releasing your body’s own human growth hormone (“HGH”).  HGH is associated with effects that are like immunity to the passage of time.   

  • Daily HGH Releasing Supplement
  • Fights Aging... Naturally!
  • Look Up To 10 Years Younger
  • Feel More Energetic
  • Doctor Endorsed For Results!

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You Get: 1 Box of GenF20 Plus, 1 Bottle of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 1 Box of GenF20 Plus, 1 Bottle of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 2 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 2 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 2 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 2 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 3 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 3 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 3 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 3 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 4 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 4 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 4 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 4 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 5 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 5 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 5 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 5 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 6 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 6 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

You Get: 6 Boxes of GenF20 Plus, 6 Bottles of GenF20 Plus Spray!

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​Upgrade to 2 months or more for savings!

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You Save $39.97!

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You Save $78.95!

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GenF20 Plus With Spray
GenF20 Plus With Spray
GenF20 Plus Pills
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​Increased IGF1 By 28% After Just 12 Weeks

One of the most beloved anti-aging supplements on the market, GenF20® Plus, helps customers age slower by releasing HGH. Research indicates that HGH gives people more energy, younger skin, renewed sex drive and a variety of anti-aging benefits that seem to turn back the clock!

GenF20® Plus, as an HGH releaser, can truly change your life. In our own clinical study, participants who used GenF20® Plus® enjoyed 28% more IGF-1 after just 12 weeks.  When HGH goes up, IGF-1 goes up.  

In other words, a rise in IGF-1 demonstrates a rise in HGH.  The human growth hormone has been shown in studies to be associated with anti-aging benefits when used long-term.  The HGH released by GenF20® Plus can make you seem immune to the passage of time.


GenF20® Plus works because of a strategically dosed and blended formula that helps release HGH.  It’s a symphony of herbals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help turn back the clock by helping you kick-start your own natural HGH production. Yes, we’re talking about encouraging your own secretion of HGH, not an external and artificial administration of the hormone, and it can help you be more youthful in body and mind.

The GenF20® Plus formula includes:


Studies link this amino acid to much higher levels of HGH and the benefits that come with it. Think more energy, physical endurance, more fat burning and better immune function. They’re all things you can expect with the GenF20® Plus formula!


L-Glutamine is an amino acid. Your body uses it during times of stress and it helps metabolism, muscle growth, energy and mental acuity.


L-Lysine helps make L-Arginine even more effective. It’s linked to better immune function and may even help your sexual performance.


Your thyroid gland uses Tyrosine to make Thyroxine – a hormone shown in clinical studies to reduce fatigue and depression. It also helps regulate growth and metabolism.

Astralagus Root Extract

Astralagus helps your immune system. It may also help function of the lungs, adrenal gland and GI tract, and help you process food more efficiently.

Deer Velvet Antler

Your joints will like Deer Velvet Antler. It’s rich in movement-friendly glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen – the first of which is found in cartilage tissue. Deer Velvet Antler also contains Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1), which is known to indicate a rise in HGH.


GABA is an amino acid. It’s classified as a neurotransmitter and helps nerves communicate more efficiently, which has a positive effect on the immune system. It’s also shown to stimulate HGH production.


Colostrum may help speed up wound healing. It’s a form of milk made by the mammary glands shortly after mammals give birth and it contains IFG-1, which can be used to measure HGH levels.


An amino acid, L-Valine is found in the muscles. You can’t make L-Valine – it needs to come from your diet or a supplement. Your body uses it to build and maintain muscle mass.

Phosphatidyl Choline

Phosphatidyl Choline is an extract of lecithin. It’s an excellent emulsifier that can help you burn fat and may contribute to better health overall and reduce your chances of depression and neurological disorders.


L-Ornithine is an amino acid linked to higher HGH levels. It’s even more powerful when combined with Arginine, Lysine and Glutamine – all of which are in GenF20® Plus!

GTF Chromium

Your body uses Chromium to move glucose from blood to your cells. It helps support insulin activity, which can also assist with weight control, energy levels and your ability to burn fat.

Oral Spray with Alpha-GPC

GenF20® Plus’s Oral Spray helps enhance the formula. It’s made with a secretogogue called Alpha-GPC – a blend of amino acid compounds and botanical agents. Just spray it on your tongue and it helps bioavailability of the GenF20® Plus formula. Among many other things, it’s designed to:

  • Enhance the effects of hormones released from the Anterior Pituitary Gland
  • Enhance synthesis of Phosphatidyl Choline and its cognitive benefits
  • Boost strength-training results
  • check
    Improve fat-burning and more

Clinical Study

In a 12 week double-blind study, researchers split 61 participants in two groups. The first 31 volunteers received two GenF20® Plus tablets and 2 mL of the Oral Spray with Alpha-GPC, both taken twice a day.

The second group took a placebo at similar dosage.

Among their objectives, the researchers were searching for higher levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor, or IGF-1, which is a primary mediator of HGH.
At the end of the study, the researchers documented their findings in a 63 page report. The following are direct quotes from their findings:

“In the subgroup age 40 years, a statistically significant increase was seen in serum IGF-1 levels in the GenF20® Plus group (28.57%) as compared to placebo (-0.55%). The significant increase in serum IGF-1 levels in the subgroup age 40 in the active group is attributable to consumption of GenF20® Plus.

And the best part:

“The fact that serum IGF-1 levels have increased in 12 weeks fosters the probability of improvement in all other parameters as well with consumption of GenF20® Plus for longer duration.

Rough translation? GenF20® Plus boosted IGF-1, which shows that it ALSO boosted HGH. It’s powerful stuff, and going by these results, may dramatically increase your enjoyment of life!

​Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a sample of what customers are saying about GenF20® Plus!

I Highly Recommend This Product To My Patients!

"I was recently introduced to your product GenF20 and have seen great results with my patients using it. I am often asked for nutritional product recommendations and highly recommend this product to my patients/athletes.
This product is beneficial for both athletes and patients undergoing rehab to enhance their full rehab potential."

Dr. Jeff Hill

I’ll NEVER Spend Money On Face Creams Again!

"I've spent fortunes on face creams and anti-aging serums... but using GenF20 is the first time I've tried turning back the clock from the inside out. It's also the last time I'll spend a fortune on face creams!

Thanks for this great product."

Karen B.
Americus, GA

"Stopped me from feeling down..."

"I need to tell you at first I gained energy and I thought that was all... but it was way more. I lost a few pounds and slimmed down.

But I really didn’t know mentally how good your product made me feel until I stopped taking it.
It stopped me from feeling down and helped stop bad dreams... I love this stuff!"

Joseph Gomes
Weymouth, MA

Everyone Says I Look 35... And I’m 50!

"I have always been very afraid of aging, you know, becoming old and useless and unattractive. When I turned 50, I decided to do something about it. Now everyone says I look 35!"

Jud V.
Albany, NY

The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH.

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