Does Testosterone Increase Sperm Count

Testosterone plays a role in several aspects of the general well-being of the male body. From disease risk, to weight, and all the way to sexual performance, testosterone is integral to male development. 

This is why exploring testosterone and its functions is so crucial to understanding what’s going on in our bodies. 

A lack of information and education on the layered topic of male sexual health often leads men to wonder whether their sperm volume or count is healthy, what medication can increase sperm count, or which herbs can increase sperm volume

Testosterone exists in males and females at birth, but the amount of testosterone in female systems is minimal and doesn’t increase as they age. 

However, this isn’t the case for males. As puberty hits, the level of testosterone produced in the testes increases to aid growth and development until they become an adult. 

What this article covers:

How is Testosterone Linked to Sperm Count?

It’s common to be curious about what factors in your body contribute to your sperm count. If you’ve ever wondered “Does ejaculating more increase sperm count?” or even “Can losing weight increase sperm count?”, it’s likely you’ve wondered about the impact of testosterone. 

Testosterone links to sperm production through multiple hormones, meaning testosterone isn’t the only hormone that’s responsible for the production of semen. 

Testosterone, along with the hormone follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), stimulates the production of sperm in the testes. Some other minor hormones play a part, however, these are the main two. 

The function of testosterone in male sexual health in the sexual system isn’t as straightforward as people think. 

Hormones function as chemical messengers in the human body that travel through the bloodstream.

Hormones regulate and control many functions in the body, from growth to reproduction to your metabolism.

Testosterone’s function as a hormone is to develop and control the primary sex organs and manage the development of sexual characteristics and your sex drive. 

A low testosterone level contributes to a low sperm count and could lead to underdeveloped sexual characteristics in a male. 

When men experience low testosterone levels, there are a few symptoms that may cause undue concern or shame. 

Low testosterone isn’t something men should feel shame about. In fact, a low testosterone level can occur naturally at birth or develop over time in anyone. 

Symptoms of low testosterone can be, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and low muscle mass or hair growth. 

Diminished testosterone levels can result in a low sperm count in many cases and, for many, this is the biggest concern.

A low sperm count can cause problems with conceiving children and cause infertility issues.

How Can You Boost Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone levels in men fluctuate and change over time, in many cases males’ testosterone levels decrease as we age. 

Testosterone levels fluctuate in your body based on many factors.

Even the most minor changes in your lifestyle can change several hormone levels in your body, testosterone included. 

By understanding what your body needs and changing things for the better, you can improve your body mentally and physically. 

Supplements and Vitamin Intake

There are many supplements and vitamins to help increase your testosterone with natural ingredients. 

Supplements and vitamin pills are a very debated topic, even though many pills are proven to be effective. 

One of the reasons many men look into what vitamins increase sperm volume is the fear they’re not producing enough to satisfy societal standards. 

Men’s sexual health is often a touchy topic, and due to limited information, men worry that their sexual health is below what it should be. 

One of the most crucial minerals to intake is zinc, and many people find that taking zinc supplements has helped them to increase their testosterone.

As many people often suggest, the intake of pineapple is good for increasing sperm count. This isn’t a direct effect of eating pineapple, but rather the amount of zinc that pineapple contains is what boosts testosterone. 

Many pills are made, specifically for, increasing testosterone or boosting sperm production, such as Semenax online, a 100% natural semen volumizing supplement with guaranteed results in as little as two weeks.

Improving Your Diet 

Like many aspects of your body, what you eat determines how well your body functions and can maintain a good state. 

Your diet and food intake play a key role in your bodily functions and sits at the core of your hormone levels. Like many things you might want to improve regarding your health, changing your diet is the best place to start. 

Proteins and fats are the most crucial food groups to increase testosterone and sexual health, with many foods that can increase sperm count

A good protein intake will help maintain a healthy testosterone level which directly aids in the improvement of your sexual health. 

Consuming healthy fats promotes hormone balance and aids in keeping your testosterone at a healthy level. 

A nutritious, balanced diet, consisting of mainly natural whole foods, is one of the best things you can do to improve your testosterone levels and increase your sperm count. 

What you put into your body plays a massive role in the hormone balance maintained by your body and how those hormones function. 

Balanced Workouts

Working out is one of the best ways to improve your physical well-being, and it has many benefits beyond just gaining muscle, strength, or stamina. 

Exercise is one of the key ways to improve many aspects of your life both, mental, and physical, which are proven to be improved through regular exercise. 

In this case, exercise and working out are linked to increasing testosterone levels in your body and have been proven to be more beneficial for overweight individuals than calorie restriction.

The type of training and the intensity of the workouts can have different effects on testosterone levels and the changes in your lifestyle. 

In multiple studies, men who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight also often suffer from low testosterone, which may be due to hormone imbalances, and losing weight can increase sperm count by increasing testosterone levels. 

The most effective method for increasing testosterone levels is strength and resistance training, which has the highest rate of improvement.  

Proper Sleep Schedule With Plenty of Sleep

Proper sleep may be just as important as a good diet and exercise, but what does getting proper sleep mean? 

When it comes to getting enough sleep, there’s more to it than just laying down for the night and getting however many hours of sleep. 

Getting a good amount of deep sleep is what most people need to have their bodies functioning at their best. 

Sleep quality and its connection to testosterone levels have been investigated, especially in young adult men. 

Studies have found that five to six hours of sleep isn’t enough for an adult man and even worse for young men. This amount of sleep directly links to a decrease in testosterone levels.

When it comes to good sleep, time isn’t the only factor that makes a good night’s rest. Sleep quality is a big factor.

This means that for sleep to be beneficial and effective, deep REM sleep needs to be achieved for a good night’s rest.  

Many people often suffer from poor sleep, not by getting very little sleep, but by having poor quality sleep and not achieving deep REM sleep throughout the night. 

Reducing stress

Stress plays a role in hormones and hormone levels, not only in the levels of testosterone but in the balance of hormones throughout the entire body. 

When a person stresses excessively, their cortisol levels increase. When cortisol increase in the body the amount of testosterone produced decreases. 

These hormones maintain an inversely proportional balance. When one rises the other is lowered, which means when a person stresses, for their cortisol levels to rise, their testosterone levels must fall.

Stress can affect not only the hormone balances in your body but your lifestyle as well. Often when people are stressed they don’t work out or eat as healthily as they usually do. 

By maintaining a healthy diet, proper sleep schedule, and healthy stress levels you’ll be helping your hormone balances in your body more than you know. 

Getting Some Sun

Many people overlook the importance of getting vitamin D and going out in the sun regularly, many don’t know just how important it is in many aspects of their health. 

Some research suggests that a low vitamin D intake may be linked to low testosterone, although it may not be a major significant cause, it has been shown to affect hormone levels to some extent. 

To maintain a healthy level of vitamin d intake, going out into the sun for appropriate amounts of time or taking vitamin d supplements, if instructed by a medical professional, are the best ways to go about it. 

Cut Back on Alcohol

Alcohol has several interesting effects on our bodies that are still being researched and studied today. 

And just like everything else, the relationship between alcohol and testosterone is complex, with several studies suggesting that excessive alcohol intake leads to a decrease in testosterone. 

Studies suggest that testosterone levels drop a mere 30 minutes after alcohol is consumed, with excessive regular alcohol use having negative effects on testosterone levels and testicular functions. 

Alcohol use at a young age, around 18 to 22, is especially detrimental to the testosterone levels of young men. 


It’s essential to note that testosterone and hormone levels vary from person to person. 

At the age of 19, men usually, reach a peak in testosterone levels with a slow decline till the age of 30. At 30 years that level stabilizes till the age of 40 and beyond. 

The good news is that there are several ways to keep your hormones in check and even more ways to increase your sperm count. By keeping an eye on your testosterone levels, you can ensure that your sexual health is in tip-top shape.

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