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VigRX Incontinix

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Incontinix is a clinically proven bladder support formula for men. Study results show it helps reduce urges to go by 62%, cut leaks by 50% and improves ALL parameters of bladder health in just 8 weeks. This 3-part formula is 100% natural, tested in 14 clinical trials and protected by 24 global patents.

  • Reduce frequent urges to “go” during the day
  • Decrease bathroom visits at night
  • Strengthen your bladder naturally
  • 100% satisfaction, 67-day, money-back guarantee

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Are You Sick-And-Tired Of
Dealing With A Weak Bladder?

Are you waking up at night just to go pee?
Are you experiencing frequent urges to urinate throughout the day?
Are you sick and tired of dealing with a hyperactive bladder?

If you are, then it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

Statistically speaking, OVER 25 million Americans suffer from bladder frustrations.

And the truth is, that number is probably higher. A LOT higher.

But there’s more bad news.

You see, medical experts agree that problem problems progress over time.

So if you don’t take care of your bladder health now it will only get worse.

What OptionsDo You have?

Struggling with a weak bladder is a nightmare both night AND day. That’s because it disrupts sleep which ZAPS energy and causes daytime fatigue.

But when you’re struggling with frequent urges to “go” you may find yourself limiting your water intake. Although that may help in the short term, the long-term health consequences are severe. Experts agree that we must stay hydrated for our bodies to function properly. That means depriving yourself of water will only run your body down more, making you more susceptible to health problems.

So what else can you do?

Well, some men visit their doctor. And although he means well, many health professionals simply say bladder problems are a “normal” part of aging. But it doesn’t feel normal running to the bathroom a gazillion times!

Fortunately, there’s exciting news:

Because a new bladder breakthrough is now available. It’s 100% natural. And clinically proven to work.

Results are fast too!

So you could start noticing improvement in as little as 2 weeks. And perhaps the most exciting part is that it works no matter your age!

Read below to see the jaw-dropping clinical study results.

What Options Do You have?

It’s rare to see a natural bladder formula clinically studied in REAL human trials. But the formula in nicotinic was studied in 14 trials with amazing results.

Here’s an example:

During an 8-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, volunteers given the formula in Incontinix reported:

  • Fewer trips to the bathroom during the day
  • Fewer disruptions at night to go pee
  • Leaks decreased by 50%
  • Quality of life improved

Best of all, researchers measured the results and were astounded to find ALL parameters of bladder health improved. These fascinating results were published in the prestigious journal called BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies.

Start Feeling Relief In
As Little As 2 Weeks

The Inctoninix formula is designed to work quickly and effectively. In fact, studies show participants taking this formula daily saw dramatic improvements in just 2 weeks.

And best of all, the results will only get better over time.

Can you imagine noticing fewer urges to pee in just 2 weeks? How will that feel? Relief could come faster than you might think.

Incontinix Strengthens Your Bladder Muscles,
Pelvic Floor & Sphincter For Superior Support

Our formula helps support your bladder in three unique ways. It works by strengthening the muscles of your bladder, pelvic wall and sphincter to provide you with “total” bladder control - both day and night!

Best not only that:

You could start enjoying more control and more peace of mind WITHOUT limiting your liquid intake, WITHOUT performing any “weird” pelvic exercises and WITHOUT relying on prescription pills.


This 3-Part Bladder Support Formula Is
Made With 100% Natural Ingredients

Incontinix is made with a 3-part bladder control formula. This powerful blend has been tested and perfected by over 20 years of cutting-edge research.

But that’s not all, because this 100% natural formula was tested in not one… not two… not three… but a total of 14 clinical trials. That makes this formula one of the most studied natural bladder breakthroughs in the world today. And that’s why this one-of-a-kind formula has 24 global patents.

With that said, each serving of Incontinix provides you with a clinically studied dose of 840mg. This is the same amount shown to reduce urgency by 62% and reduce leaks by 50% in just 8 weeks. Clinical studies also show it helps improve sleep and overall quality of life.

Bladder-Control Extract #1 Cratevox™ (Crataeva Nurvala)

Crataeva Nurvala has been used for centuries to help relieve urinary difficulties. This herb is also clinically studied and experts believe it works by improving bladder
tone AND increasing bladder capacity. This could help you hold more fluids without running to the bathroom all the time.

But scientists enhanced the bladder strengthening effects of Crataeva Nurvala. They did this by using a unique patented process for creating a powerful extract called Cratevox™. This special extract alone could help reduce those frequent urges to “go” and provide you with more control throughout your day.

Bladder-Control Extract #2Lindera Aggregata

Lindera Aggregata is like an anti-aging “agent” on your bladder. You see, it works by “rewinding” the clock of your bladder. Helping you feel more in control like when you were younger. Back when you could casually drink an entire six-pack before feeling the slightest urge to pee. Back when you could sleep through the night without interruption. Back when you released urine in long, healthy, powerful streams that could knock a soda can off a shelf.

Bladder-Control Extract #3 Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)

Did you know medical doctors risk their licenses for recommending natural alternatives? It’s true. And yet, Horsetail is so powerful it’s the most common natural alternative for bladder control. That’s because Horsetail packs a powerful anti-inflammatory punch that helps your bladder to function normally.

Best of all, studies show when you combine Horsetail with Crataeva Nurvala a “synergistic” bladder strengthening effect occurs. The results are astounding. And that’s why each serving of Incontinix provides you with a healthy dose of Horsetail, Crataeva Nurvalal AND the “supercharged” patented form of Crataeva Nurvala called Cratevox™.

A Safe & Effective Way To
Support Your Bladder Daily

It’s important to know the Inctontinix 3-part formula is 100% natural.

In fact, this special blend was tested in multiple clinical studies without any negative side effects reported. You’ll be delighted to know that researchers participating in these studies were shocked by how effective AND safe this formula is. These studies have been published in the journal BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies.

Now you can try this new breakthrough to support your bladder DAILY with absolute confidence!

More Control & Less Urges To “Go”
For Less Than A Daily Cup of “Joe”

What would having more control over your bladder mean to you?

Would it mean sleeping peacefully through the night without interruption…

Would it mean feeling fewer urges to “go” during the day…

Would it mean freedom from bladder worries?

Well, what if you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to finally get your bladder worries under control?

Here’s the good news:

Each daily dose of Inctontinix is less than a cup of coffee!

As you’ll see, this amazing breakthrough is an affordable way to improve your bladder health naturally.

You Enjoy More Bladder Control
Or Your Money Back

As if Inctoninix couldn’t get any better, we’re backing it up with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Here’s what that means for you:

You can try Inctontinix risk-free with our money-back guarantee. Simply place your order today. And if you’re not happy with experiencing more control over your bladder, then simply send back the bottles within 67 days for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Get The Peace Of Mind You
Deserve Today!

It’s time to get your bladder under control.

This problem has gone on long enough and it’s probably going to get worse.

So order today.

Remember, your satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed. Incontinix is backed by our rock-solid, 67-day, money-back guarantee. So you can order today with confidence.

Simply scroll up to the top of this page to get started right away.

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Do You Have Questions About Incontinix?

Incontinix is designed for men struggling with occasional bladder inconveniences.

So if you are experiencing these difficulties:

Waking up just to go pee…

Running to the bathroom all day long…

Feeling like your life revolves around your bladder, and…

Feeling at the mercy of a weak bladder, then…

Incontinix could be for you. That is, if you’re determined to improve your bladder health and start feeling in control again. And you’re willing to supplement with Incontinix daily.

There are no complicated procedures for strengthening your bladder with Incontinix.

That’s because all you have to do is take 2 capsules daily. Which only takes a few seconds to do. It’s that simple.

Every bottle of Inctontinix contains a total of 60 capsules - for giving you a FULL 30-day supply.

Great question.

So, you’ve tried bladder supplements before and they didn’t work like you expected, right?

So how is Incontinix different?

Well, let me ask you a question:

Was the last supplement you tried backed by REAL human clinical studies?

Because the formula in Inctontinix was tested in not one… not two… not three, but a total of 14 separate clinical studies. And you know what? You could search the internet until you’re blue in the face but you won’t find ANY formula as thoroughly studied as the one you get with Incontinix.

Next question:

Was the last supplement you tried patent protected?

You see, having a patent is a big deal. That’s because in order to qualify for a patent you have to prove that your formula or process is unique. And that’s why so little supplements actually contain patented ingredients (it’s usually all generic stuff). Now get this: The formula in Inctontinix is so unique and powerful that it’s backed by a total of 24 global patents. It’s quite an accomplishment for a 100% natural bladder control formula.

And lastly, was the last supplement you tried backed by a rock-solid, money-back guarantee?

Doubt it. Most companies don’t believe in their own products so they don’t dare give away a money-back guarantee. But we’re so confident that our formula can help you - Incontinix is backed by a 100% satisfaction, 67-day, money-back guarantee. Simply put: If it’s not everything you expected then send us back the bottles for a full refund of the purchase price. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

If you’re not fully satisfied you can always return the bottles for a full refund of the purchase price. But after feeling more in control and enjoying your life more instead of feeling like a prisoner of a weak bladder, you’ll be thankful you tried Incontinix today.

Trying Incontinix is completely risk-free. If you’re not satisfied (for any reason) simply return the bottles (even if they’re empty), within 67 days for a prompt refund of the purchase price.

According to the clinical studies, you could start noticing more control over your bladder within 2 weeks.

And the longer you try Incontinix, you could expect to decrease your bathroom visits both day and night. Then, before you know it, you might even forget you had bladder worries in the first place!

Ordering is a breeze.

Simply scroll up to the top of this page.

From there, you’ll be able to select how many bottles of Incontinix you would like to start with.

We suggest 3 months because if you run out after the first 30 days you’ll be kicking yourself for not having more right away. Once you start feeling more in control and going to the bathroom less you DON’T want the problem returning if you run out.

So start with 3 months or more.

Remember, the more bottles you select the more you save.

Also, each package is backed by our generous “More Control Or Your Money Back” guarantee.

So go ahead and start today.

You’ll be happy you did.

Scroll up to the top of this page and select your package now.

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