Why Do I Ejaculate More Sometimes?

If you’ve been sexually active, you may have experienced a lot of variety in the amount of semen you produce.

Like any man, you may have caught yourself wondering “why do I ejaculate more sometimes?”.

In this case, more is often considered better because a lot of semen indicates strong sexual prowess, overall health, and fertility.

For many, this is also an important part of their sexual confidence, but any sexually active man will tell you that the process of semen production can be hard to wrap your head around.

It’s not as easy to gauge how much a guy can cum without looking at the process of semen production and what normal semen volume entails. 

Luckily, we’re here to do just that. 

In this article, we’ll explain what happens if you cum a lot to explain why you produce more on some occasions and less on others. 

What this article covers:

How Does Semen Production Work?

The good news is that your body knows exactly how to produce semen and it can occur throughout your whole life without you even being aware of it.

As you go about your day, your testicles are producing, and storing, billions of sperm cells and have done so since puberty.


Sperm cells are created when certain hormones such as testosterone transform simple round cells into tadpole-like cells containing genetic material.

When these cells are ready, they move to the epididymis to complete their evolution before moving to the vas deferens (also known as the sperm duct).

After this, seminal fluid is created by the seminal vesicles and prostate. 

Semen Production

Up to this point, you have no role in the semen production process which happens mostly without your knowing. However, when you become aroused, the seminal fluid mixes with the sperm to form semen.  

During this time, tissues in the penis also start to fill with blood, making it erect and easier to penetrate.

When the penis gets stimulated during this stage, muscles around the reproductive organs start to contract and push the semen through the sperm duct system and the urethra, resulting in ejaculation.

So, does this mean more arousal leads to more semen?

Not really. Even though arousal is a necessary factor for producing semen, the extent of your arousal has little influence on the amount of semen you produce.

This is also why it is a myth that edging produces more sperm.

So why do you ejaculate more sometimes? 

The first reason can be abstinence. A period of abstinence from sex and masturbation will increase sperm volume because, in essence, there are more in the reserves to work with.

The other factor is lifestyle changes. 

Changes in diet and exercise can increase or decrease the amount of semen produced with healthy changes leading to an increase in your normal ejaculate volume.

Aging also plays a role and research suggests that men ejaculate the most during their thirties before it starts gradually decreasing. 

How To Produce More Semen

Based on the above factors, it’s clear that you can control how much semen you produce by making some positive lifestyle changes. 

A healthy diet and exercise are key components for increasing your ejaculate volume.

Abstaining from sex and masturbation can also go a long way if you want to increase your sperm volume.

Some supplements, like Zinc and Folic Acid, have also been associated with increases in semen production, but research on the matter remains sparse.

As far as supplements go, your best bet is to go for a targeted supplement with proven results. 

Semenax reviews are incredibly positive, with guaranteed results, designed to increase sperm volume by up to 20% in as little as two weeks.

Should I Be Concerned?

If you tend to ejaculate more sometimes and less at other times, you’re perfectly normal and there’s nothing to worry about.

In particular, if you’re very sexually active, it’ll lead to a reduction in sperm volume.

However,  if there is a decrease in your sperm volume in the absence of lifestyle changes, aging, or sexual activity, you may want to see a medical professional.

The cause may be psychological, as is the case with anorgasmia, where men struggle to achieve orgasm.

There’s also a myriad of medical conditions that can lead to a reduction in sperm volume.

Some common culprits include dehydration, obstructions or prostate issues, and low testosterone levels.

A reduction in semen may also be indicative of retrograde ejaculation where semen is directed into the bladder instead of out of the urethra. 

Average Ejaculation Volume

So how do you know how little is too little when it comes to semen production? Well, this is dependent on how much a guy can cum on average.  

Well, an average healthy male produces anywhere from a quarter teaspoon of semen to about a teaspoon.

This ranges from about 1.5 ml to 6.8 ml and provides a fair estimate of exactly how much semen a man ejaculates.

Apart from this, the distance that semen travels and its thickness has also served as descriptors of healthy ejaculate volume.

So, the remedies for how to have thicker cum and how to increase ejaculation distance are the same as the methods for increasing sperm volume.

A healthy dose of semen will travel a few feet and should have a thickish, non-watery consistency. 


By now, you should be relieved to know that it’s normal to cum a little less sometimes and a little more on other occasions. 

In fact, this is a sign that you’re healthy and that everything’s in good working order. 

However, if your sperm volume consistently decreases in the absence of increased sexual activity, age, or lifestyle changes, there may be an underlying medical or psychological condition to address. 

Luckily, these conditions are rare and, for most men, it’s entirely possible to increase their semen volume naturally, either through lifestyle changes, abstinence, or supplements.

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