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Can Edging Make You Cum More?

does edging make you cum more

Whether you’re a pro at edging or trying this technique for the first time, you may have caught yourself wondering if edging is the key to blowing bigger and better loads.

Edging has long been promoted as the secret to more pleasure in the bedroom and even more intense orgasms. But does this mean it can help you physically produce more semen?

The answer to this question is almost as complicated as the act of edging itself.

Of course, more semen does not necessarily mean better sex, but for many people, this ties in with their masculinity and it is also an important factor for fertility.

So, if you want to find out if edging will improve your semen production, read on. Because in this article, we will explain whether edging will increase your normal ejaculate volume.

So, can edging make you cum more? 

Let’s debunk some myths so you know exactly what you’re in for.

What This Article Covers:

What Is Edging?

Before we dive in, let’s look at what edging is.

Edging means bringing yourself to the brink of climax and stopping right before you tumble over that glorious cliff into the throes of orgasm, and then repeating it all over again. 

This cycle can continue several times before achieving orgasm.

Often, there’s a small waiting period between stopping and starting again.

Why do people do this? Well, the main reason is more pleasurable orgasms, but this also helps many men prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual activity.

The best part is that there are zero risks or drawbacks to edging. 

For the most part, this is something you can practice as often as you like without worrying about any major sexual or medical risks.

does edging produce more sperm

Does Edging Produce More Sperm?

The short answer to this question is no, not necessarily.

Edging may allow you to extend your intimate sessions, with yourself or a partner, but it isn’t conclusively associated with how far a man can shoot sperm.

This is because edging leads to more intense orgasms, but intenser orgasms don’t necessarily have an immediate effect on how much a guy can cum.

Sperm volume, or how much sperm you ejaculate, is largely dependent on heredity and lifestyle factors and, ultimately, higher sperm volume doesn’t definitively point to increased sexual pleasure or even increased fertility.

So, what happens if you cum a lot? Well, the truth is, not that much.

Some people have associated more semen with longer and stronger orgasms, but there is no evidence to suggest that these factors are definitively correlated.

This association may be due to other factors, such as a period of abstinence, which can lead to both intensified orgasms and an increase in sperm volume. 

It may also explain why you ejaculate more sometimes without even trying, but it should be noted that little to no semen upon ejaculation has been regarded as a cause for concern.

So how much can a guy cum? And how much should you cum?

The going rate for healthy semen production is anywhere between 2 ml and 5 ml.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that edging will help you increase this.

What Will Edging Do?

While edging won’t mean that you are suddenly able to shoot your semen across a room, there are still many other benefits of this practice, which is why it has been widely popular.

Not only does edging intensify orgasms (for most people) and increase sexual stamina, but it also helps build confidence in the bedroom.

Increased control of your sexual impulses leads to better sex overall, which boosts your overall self-image and esteem.

There’s also the bonus of getting up close and personal with your body and learning more about how long it takes you to move through the stages of arousal.

This is useful if you want to know how to build sperm after ejaculation or how to increase ejaculate after a vasectomy.

The only drawback of edging that has been substantiated by research is that it can cause epididymal hypertension, known colloquially as blue balls.

However, this is a common experience among men for a variety of reasons, and it’s often resolved on its own.

What Won’t Edging Do?

At this point, it’s pertinent to look at what edging won’t do to you. 

After reading this, you may be wondering, where does the sperm go? After all, you are preventing it from leaving your body, and it must go somewhere, right?

Well, the good news is that you won’t get backed up from edging too much.

If you prevent ejaculation from occurring, the semen won’t travel elsewhere or back into your body. 

All your body does is break it up again and recycle the components that make up your semen. When you eventually climax, all the semen you produced will come out.

Edging is also not the secret recipe for how to have thicker cum.

As mentioned earlier, the experience of intensified pleasure does not have a direct effect on the quality of semen you produce.

Edging won’t necessarily mean more pleasure for your partner either, especially if they reach climax much earlier while you’re edging. It still takes two to tango, and you still need to look after your partner to make sure they’re having at least as good a time as you are.

There is also no evidence to prove that edging helps with fertility.

For most people, intensified orgasms and the ability to last longer in bed is enough reason to practice edging. 

does edging make more sperm

How Can You Cum More?

So, if the edging isn’t the answer to producing more semen, what is?

The good news is that sperm volume can easily be increased through lifestyle changes and supplements.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and hydration are some of the top tips recommended by experts to increase your semen production.  

Zinc and folic acid have also been promoted as some of the best supplements to increase sperm volume, along with Vitamins D, C, and E.

You can also try a product that has a combination of everything you need to increase sperm production, Semenax pills remove all your concerns about finding the correct balance of vitamin supplements.


So, the bad news is that edging isn’t the secret to increasing sperm volume, but the good news is that it still has a variety of other sexual health benefits.

When practiced regularly, edging can lead to increased confidence, sustained sexual stamina, and prolonged pleasure.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, why not give it a go? There really is nothing to lose. 

It may not increase your sperm volume, but you may improve your overall sexual health and the pleasure you derive from orgasms.

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