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How to Produce Semen

how to produce semen

Are you having trouble with semen production? Ever wondered how to produce semen?

Well, don’t worry. If you’re curious about how to increase your male ejaculation frequency or boost sperm production in general, you’ve come to the right place. 

While slow semen production might make you feel emasculated, and can be an unwelcome bump in the road to having a baby, it’s also completely normal and fixable.

Semen production is a natural, necessary and healthy part of male sexual health.

In this article, we’ll give you the low down on the best ways to replenish and increase your semen production.

We’ll also explain what happens during semen production so that you know exactly what to avoid, and what to do, to keep your sperm count up.

What This Article Covers:

Why is Semen Production Important?

Semen production is an essential process for reproduction that mostly occurs without your knowledge. However, once it stops, most men will start to wonder why they aren’t producing semen or how to produce it again. 

Without a healthy production of semen, a man cannot hope to bear children through intercourse, or even via in vitro fertilization (IVF). Conception can only occur when healthy sperm fertilizes a viable, healthy ovum.

How is Semen Produced?

Semen production occurs through a constant process of spermatogenesis. Even as you’re reading this, your testicles are making several million sperm per day. 

The male reproductive system differs from the female reproductive system in that it borders the interior and exterior parts of the pelvic cavity.

Like any well-oiled machine, the parts of this system must work together to produce sperm. These parts include the testes (testicles), sperm duct, accessory glands (including your prostate), and the penis.

If you haven’t heard it before, the testicles are where sperm production takes place.

This process occurs via the seminiferous tubules, a complex system of small tubes containing hormones. 

Hormones, such as testosterone, are what allow these germ cells to divide and change until they turn into sperm.

When the germ cells start resembling a tadpole, the tail part forces the sperm into the epididymis (a tube behind your testicles).

They travel through this tube for about five weeks before moving to the vas deferens.

Whenever you get turned on or stimulated, the sperm starts to get mixed up with seminal fluid.

Seminal fluid is a whitish liquid produced by the seminal vesicles and your prostate. When this process is complete, the semen is ejaculated through your penis via the urethra.

This is no small feat, as the entire process from germ cell to mature sperm cell can take two and a half months.

how to build sperm after ejaculation

How Much Sperm Can You Produce?

At the end of this process, you will have up to 8 billion sperm. That’s more sperm than there are people in the world, but where does it all go?

Well, even one ejaculation can release from 20 up to 300 million sperm in a single milliliter of your normal ejaculate volume.

And how much semen does a man ejaculate at a time? Each ejaculation can produce between 2 and 5 milliliters.  

How Often Should You Ejaculate?

It’s highly beneficial for you to release that semen regularly. Not only does ejaculation feel great, but it releases oxytocin, which boosts your levels of happiness and contentment. 

Ejaculation is proven to improve blood flow, which stabilizes blood pressure, meaning men who have sex regularly greatly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. 

How to Produce More Semen

Based on what we’ve learned, it should seem pretty easy to produce sperm. Your body does all of the work and you’re rewarded with billions of sperm and a full teaspoon of semen.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The recipe to increase sperm production is much the same as a recipe for a healthy life: exercise, eat healthily, and limit your stress levels.

Likewise, there are things you need to limit or avoid altogether if you want to achieve healthier sperm production levels.

Lower the Frequency of Your Orgasms

Periods of excessive sexual activity may cause you to dry up a bit.

While your body will always work to continue producing sperm, several ejaculations in quick succession will inevitably cause your supply to run a little thin.

This also explains why you ejaculate more sometimes and less at other times. 

If you allow yourself some time between ejaculations, you may be surprised at how far you can shoot cum

Some people use abstinence in conjunction with a technique called edging (delaying orgasm) as a means to increase their sperm count.

However, this may depend from person to person, and it’s not yet clear why edging makes you ejaculate more.

how to make more sperm after ejaculation

Improve Your Diet

It’s fairly common knowledge that, if you want your body to perform at its optimum level, you need to watch what you put into it. Improving sperm production levels is no different. 

Water intake is also important, especially if you want to increase ejaculation after a vasectomy.

Limiting alcohol intake and limiting or quitting smoking is a surefire way to improve your overall health, and your sperm volume will thank you for it. 

Take Some Supplements

Zinc and lecithin supplements have also been linked to increased semen production. 

Semenax is a targeted supplement designed to increase sperm production and sexual or reproductive health.

How to Build Sperm After Ejaculation 

Unfortunately, there is no “quick fix” to increase your sperm build-up right after ejaculation. 

The rate at which you produce semen will largely depend on the various biological and environmental factors we’ve already discussed. Here’s a quick rundown of what to do to ensure a healthy bounce-back after ejaculation. 

Give Yourself Some Time After Cumming

Make no mistake, you don’t need to abstain for a lengthy period of time to rebuild your supply. A study found that a one-day abstinence window led to an increase in the quality of sperm. 

Other research has found that a period of abstinence (minimum one day), followed by multiple ejaculations in a smaller time period of a few hours also increased semen production. So there is no golden rule for abstinence here.

The best way to build sperm up after ejaculation is to ensure that your overall semen production is good. 

This can be achieved by following the guidelines above (diet, exercise, hydration and supplements). 

A diet that’s high in Vitamins C and D can also assist in healthy sperm production.


After reading this, it should be clear that there are many ways to boost your semen production.  Luckily, none of them involves a trip to the prostate doctor. Even loose-fitting underwear and pants are recommended by doctors! 

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and balance your nutrient intake with supplements, you should find that your semen production can increase significantly.

And if your semen production has lowered because of heightened sexual activity, don’t worry, this is completely normal. 

In some cases, abstaining for short amounts of time is all that is needed to up your sperm count again.

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