How to have Thicker Cum

how to have thicker cum

Like most sexual health aspects, semen consistency is something that varies from person to person, even between ejaculations in an individual. 

In most cases, there’s no cause for concern if your cum is thick, it’s concerning if your semen is watery or thin. 

Many men find themselves wondering how to increase ejaculation after a vasectomy, but if you’re wondering how you can do the same for personal reasons there are several aspects to look into.  

Many times the porn industry or social media and the internet create a false sense of what is normal or socially acceptable. 

Whatever reasoning you may have for wanting to thicken your ejaculate, there are several methods and reasons to do so. 

Misinformation about sexual health topics causes unnecessary concern and insecurities in men. In most cases where men are worried about infertility issues, they have nothing to worry about. 

Nevertheless, your concerns are valid and, more than that, your curiosity is encouraged! Let’s run through some answers that’ll explain how to have thicker cum.

What This Article Covers:

Why Should Cum Be Thick?

According to studies, thicker semen is seen as healthy and visually appealing, and it may have benefits outside of your sexual health. 

Firstly, we should clarify the difference between thick consistency and thick in another sense when talking about semen. 

Healthy ejaculate should have a thick and runny consistency, but slight variations are nothing to feel embarrassed about. 

However, if your semen is thick and almost chunky, there is cause for concern, and you should consult a doctor if there are sudden notable changes in your semen. 

Remember, even healthy people have issues with various bodily functions, and sometimes these things are out of your control.

The properties of a person’s semen and sexual health depend on many factors. Even slight changes in any one of those factors can bring about change. So you must keep this in mind when you think about what the problem may be. 

Any sudden, drastic changes usually indicate a problem of some kind. You must take note of your sexual experiences, as to note when something feels off or changes. 

Ways to Get Thicker Cum

Finding the right information is always a step in the right direction to taking care of yourself. 

Here are the best ways to thicken semen and improve overall sperm health. 

how to make cum thick

Cutting Out Smoking and Alcohol usage 

Heavy smoking and alcohol abuse not only negatively affect your sexual health but your overall health as well. 

Several studies show that smoking has a direct impact on the quality of sperm, whereas drinking alcohol has a more indirect impact. 

Smoking increases the risk of abnormalities and damage to DNA and sperm quality, and excessive smoking is the cause of low sperm count in many men. 

Alcohol affects your overall bodily functions which, in turn, affects your body’s ability to produce healthy sperm, this often occurs with excessive alcohol consumption.  

Many men release less ejaculate when under the influence of alcohol. This happens because alcohol dehydrates your body and hampers the production of semen. 

Along with cigarettes and alcohol, drug use is a major inhibitor of your health and it has a terrible effect on your sexual health. 

Reduce Stress

Everyone knows that excessive stress is bad for your overall mental and even physical health, but it can be just as bad for your sexual health. 

Stress can be a good thing in our lives and is even said to have positive effects when your stress levels are normal. 

However, excessive stress leads to many physical ailments, sometimes on the sexual side of things. It can lead to weak semen production in your body, and it can create imbalances in your body’s hormone levels, which are believed to create negative variations in your sperm quality and volume. 

When your body produces stress hormones, such as glucocorticoids, your body inhibits the production of testosterone. 

If you want to improve your semen quality and boost the thickness of your ejaculate, it’s essential that you relieve yourself of unhealthy stressors on a daily basis. Your body is a finely tuned machine, and it can only be expected to run smoothly when you provide it with optimal conditions, which leads us to our next point.

Proper Diet and Exercise

What you put into your body is one of the key factors to keeping your sexual health up. 

Building a good foundation and keeping your body in tip-top shape are vital to your sexual health and performance. 

If you want to have healthy ejaculations, a proper diet and regular exercise are non-negotiable. 

You don’t have to cut off all unhealthy food or go to the gym 24/7, but maintaining a healthy and regular lifestyle is a must.  

Kegel exercises are specifically targeted to improve climax and ejaculation. They build strength in the pelvic muscles and focus on honing control of your pelvic floor. 

To do kegel exercises, you need to exercise the muscle of your pelvic floor, this is the same muscle that you use when you need to cut your urine stream short. Flexing this muscle is an easy exercise that you can do to improve your pelvic floor. 

Edging is a method of prolonging climax that people use during sexual activity. Edging makes you cum more and can enhance your sexual experience. 

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Going hand in hand with a proper diet, a good vitamin and mineral intake is key to boosting sperm health and keeping your cum consistency thick. 

Vitamin D and vitamin C are vital components of keeping the male reproductive system functioning properly. A deficiency in either will make your cum less thick and affect your sperm’s motility. 

Zinc is a hormone balancer, meaning it helps to boost testosterone’s effects in your body, this aids the function of the male reproductive system, as well as the male prostate.

It is scientifically proven that zinc serves as a key source of nutrients to aid in the production and health of your sperm. Zinc has been studied in helping your body to produce semen

If you want thicker cum, these vitamins as well as zinc should surely be added to your diet. Increasing vitamins and minerals in your diet should always be under the guidance of a doctor.


There are many supplements and boosters out there for specific health benefits, meaning there are those catered specifically to sexual enhancement, many of which are vitamin and mineral based. 

Sexual enhancers and supplements have begun to rise in popularity with men seeking to boost their sexual performance. Of course, the best way to go about getting thicker semen is to try natural methods first. 

Supplements are a great choice when your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to stick to a strict diet, allowing your body to slowly build up all the right vitamins and minerals over time. Supplements are quick boosts to specific components your body may be lacking. 

A highly recommended product for producing thick, healthy semen, and boosting your sexual performance and testosterone, is Semenax; an all-natural and tested supplement that will help enhance your normal ejaculate volume by a guaranteed 20%. Buy Semenax online and experience results in as little as two weeks!

Make sure to check with your doctor before adding them to your diet to avoid any risks. Adding certain vitamins and minerals in high dosages needs to be advised by a medical professional. 

how  you can have thicker cum

Maintaining a healthy weight

The human body thrives when everything is balanced, meaning our bodies seek out balance and require maintaining a normal state. 

Keeping your weight in check is a key aspect of maintaining sexual health. Sperm movement and volume of your semen are directly linked to your BMI. 

In many cases, men suffer from decreased volume when their BMI increases above what it should be.

In recent studies, it was found that men with abnormally high BMIs, were far more likely to suffer from low quality and volume regarding their sperm. 


Maintaining a positive attitude toward your sexual health is a very good mindset to have, and improving your overall health is key to ensuring sexual satisfaction.

For whatever reason you decide to improve on certain aspects of your sexual health, there are always safe and recommended methods. 

To make your cum thicker, have more volume, or improve your ejaculation entirely, there are several things you can do. 

Supplements, exercise, diet, and reduced stress to name a few simple methods of increasing your cums thickness and quality. 
Increasing your ejaculation frequency or other aspects of your climax is all about finding what your body needs to perform optimally.

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