Normal Ejaculate Volume

normal ejaculate volume

Are you worried about the amount of semen you ejaculate? Or would you like to learn how you can improve the volume of your ejaculate? 

If you answered yes to either of those questions, don’t fret! 

It’s perfectly normal for men to wonder if the ejaculate volume they release after an orgasm is good enough, or at least within the normal range.

Normal ejaculate volume may not be your only problem and you may also be wondering how to shoot bigger loads further. Yes, orgasm intensity may be subjective from person to person but a man will often be the first to feel it if he is experiencing weak ejaculations. It is possible to increase ejaculation distance.

We will guide you on scientifically proven ways to increase your ejaculate volume and learn more about potential causes of low semen volume while sharing tips on how to achieve the best ejaculation and improve your sex life.

What This Article Covers:

What is Ejaculate?

Ejaculation occurs when semen is expelled from your penis, resulting from sexual stimulation to the point of orgasm. 

Ejaculate volume is the total amount of semen you release during orgasm. Your normal parameters for the liquid you release per ejaculate should be 1.5 and 5 milliliters, or around one-third to one teaspoon. Furthermore, it should contain about 15 million sperm cells and have good shape and motility.

normal ejaculate volume for you

How is Semen Made?

Semen sometimes referred to as “cum”, “nut” or “spunk”, is produced in the seminal vesicles of the male reproductive system. 

It’s the combination of sperm, formed in the testes, and seminal fluid, which your body adds to ensure lubrication and aid the sperm in traveling through the urethra for expulsion during orgasm. 

Semen is largely made up of fructose. The fructose found in the semen is essential food or energy for the sperm to use when it takes its long journey upstream to the vagina. 

Other important constituents of semen are DNA containing sperm cells, amino acids such as l-carnitine, secretions from male reproductive organs, citric acid, enzymes, phosphorylcholine, prostaglandin, potassium, and zinc. 

Upon reaching puberty, the testes produce millions of sperm cells upon stimulation by male hormones. In a nutshell that’s how to produce semen.

Sperm accounts for two to five percent of the total volume of semen ejaculated by a man. As the sperm move around the men’s tubules, it merges with secretions from other male reproductive organs. 

The secretions are mainly seminal fluid from tubules and secretions of the prostate gland that provides nutrition for the sperm cell. 

Once the sperm cell and seminal fluid mix, it’s stored in the organ called the epididymis, which connects the testes and the sperm duct. The sperm duct connects to the ejaculatory duct. 

During stimulation or sexual activity, the ampulla gland first secretes a clear fluid commonly known as precum.

The precum cleanses the way for the semen and provides lubrication. As a man orgasms, what is commonly called a cumshot is actually the spraying of semen. 

Semen plays an important role in the health of sperm cells and overall man’s fertility. 

What Happens to Semen that Isn’t Ejaculated?

If no sexual activity happens the body stores the semen and some of the semen may be broken down and reabsorbed. 

Yes, the body can cope with stored unreleased semen, but do note that frequent semen ejaculation is favorable as research studies say it helps reduce the risk of the development of prostate cancer.

what determines ejaculate volume

What is Good Semen Quality?

Although it may be hard to assess semen quality by the naked eye, healthy semen should be about a teaspoon, be white and opaque, have a thick but not too thick consistency, and contains over 15 million sperm cells.

Reduced quality cum may be watery in appearance. It is normal to have watery semen once in a while, but persistent watery semen may be an indicator of low sperm count and chronic nutrient deficiencies. 

Another abnormality in semen is a consistency that’s too thick which prevents normal cum flow into the vagina. If your semen is too thick, increasing the frequency of your ejaculation and drinking more water will be beneficial.

What Determines Ejaculate Volume?


Men produce more ejaculate in their late twenties and early thirties. The semen volume starts to decline in the early forties and plummets with further age. Men suffering from underlying diseases such as diabetes and low testosterone may also have low semen volume and are at risk of subfertility.

Overall Health

Good overall health is essential for the male reproductive system to work well, and men that lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoke tobacco, and drink alcohol may suffer from low sperm count and very low semen volume.

Pelvic Floor Muscles

The strength of your pelvic floor muscles plays an important role in how far can a man shoot ejaculate after vasectomy. You may have a lot of semen but be unable to ejaculate it if your muscles are weakened due to age or injury. Retrograde ejaculatory disorder is also a problematic ailment that reduces the volume of your ejaculation. Most semen backflows into the bladder instead of emerging from the penis.

Zinc Levels

A zinc deficiency has been linked to a low amount of seminal fluid. This doesn’t mean you should go and overdose on a zinc supplement because too much zinc has also been linked with a low ability to build sperm after ejaculation. 

The best way to get a balanced form of zinc is through foods such as legumes, red meat, and seeds. Food rich in zinc and a healthy nutrient-dense diet is excellent if you want to know how to have thicker cum naturally. 

A more efficient way to up your zinc levels and other important amino acids and herbs for increasing semen volume is through a clinically proven natural supplement for increasing ejaculate volume called Semenax®. Semenax pills not only increase your ejaculate volume but also increases the overall quality of your semen.

Semenax is supreme to other semen volumizing supplements because it contains a cutting-edge ingredient called Swedish pollen flower. 

It works to reduce inflammation and regulate prostate function by reducing serum cholesterol levels and decreasing overall blood plasma lipid levels. As a result, blood flow increases, and the development of erectile function diminishes. 

how much can a man ejaculate

How Much Can a Man Ejaculate?

So, how much can a guy cum? That’s entirely dependent on the frequency with which he masturbates or has sex. 

A technique called edging, where you control your orgasm, is beneficial for shooting more cum. Edging explains why you ejaculate more sometimes

How does edging make you cum more? It’s debatable, but most researchers agree that the more you build up to the climax, right until you’re at the edge before stopping, the more the seminal vesicles accumulate more semen. More semen means more sperm squirt and increased ejaculation distance.


Weak ejaculatory volume is a cause for concern and may lead to infertility in men, but it’s also important to remember that the volume and quality of semen decline with age, poor lifestyle choices, and the presence of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Semen production relies on optimum circulation to the male reproductive area, proper nutrition, and hydration to occur smoothly. The inability to shoot your cum far may mean underlying medical illness and weakness in your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor dysfunction may be treated by medical, surgery, or a non-invasive option called biofeedback that helps you relax your muscles.

Average semen volume will vary from day to day even for men who are genetically blessed with very high ejaculate levels. 

Masturbation may decrease semen volume and sometimes you may need to abstain from sex for a few days to increase your cum load. This will give your body enough time to produce more semen in your seminal vesicles.

Lifestyle changes and adding reputable male supplements like Semenax may help improve the quality of your ejaculation and how far it can shoot.

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