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What Sleeping Positions Will Be Best for You as a Couple

Did you know that there are other sleeping positions, besides the popular spooning method, for couples?

While spooning may be one of the most popular sleeping positions for couples, several other positions may work just as well, if not better.

Today, we will be looking at some of the best sleeping positions for you as a couple. They are sure to help you get a good night’s rest while maintaining a healthy, intimate partnership.

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You need to get a good night’s rest.

Doctors have documented the benefits of getting a good night’s rest for years. With about seven hours of sleep, you reduce your stress levels and help keep your body and mind healthy. Couples that share a bed are also known to be more intimate and happier.

However, sometimes falling comfortably asleep can be more difficult. It can especially be difficult when you share a bed with a partner that may be tossing and turning throughout the night.

This Old House blog post focused on how important it is to invest in a quality mattress designed specifically for couples. A great mattress is one of the ways to minimize discomfort at night.

Our article will focus on some of the best sleeping positions for you and your partner to try out. The sleeping positions listed here provide numerous health benefits and are also very popular with couples.

Spooning as a couple is quite good for your health. Sleeping in this position helps relieve snoring, and it doesn’t put any additional pressure on your back.

We still advise that partners keep an eye on their knees and shoulders, as this position may aggravate any joint pain. Try alternating during the night to ensure proper balance.

As one of the most intimate sleeping positions, spooning has some physiological benefits as well. This position says loudly and proudly that partners trust each other to create a comfortable and safe environment.

Sleep back-to-back.

While sleeping back-to-back may not be as intimate as spooning or even being intertwined, it is pretty great for your posture.

This position allows both partners to place their hands comfortably while supporting their spines’ natural curve. Like in any sleeping position, take care to pay attention to any joint aches and pains that arise.

Contrary to popular belief, couples sleeping back-to-back aren’t drifting apart. This sleeping position only indicates that the partners share a healthy balance of individuality and closeness.

For an added touch of closeness, allow your butts to touch. Often referred to as a “moon landing”, this brings some sexual intimacy into any relationship that can only help to strengthen your bond.

Go with the trusted leg-hug.

This sleeping position is excellent for any couple that craves a bit of extra sleeping space but still looks to feel close to each other. While most new couples prefer to sleep in the intimate entwined or spooning position, the leg-hug is excellent for more mature couples.

This position gives both partners enough space to lie down in almost any way on the bed. This freedom allows them to look after their body’s specific sleeping needs. With one leg touching, almost hugging, the partners silently confirm that their lives are intertwined.

How do I choose the best sleeping position for me and my partner?

It may not always be easy to choose the best sleeping position for you as a couple. There is a delicate balance between suffocating each other and showing intimacy. You also have to keep in mind your body’s natural requirements for getting a good night’s rest.

Sometimes, you will have to compromise and adjust how you sleep until you find something where you both feel comfortable.

See, this is a fun adventure, part of the excitement and intimacy of being in a relationship. You get to learn more about each other, and you work together to strengthen your bond.

A recent study found that sharing a bed is good for you. Sleeping together provides psychological comfort and creates a safe, relaxing environment where partners can experience less interrupted REM sleep.

There you have it. Some proper sleeping positions for you and your partner. What sleeping position do you and your partner prefer? We will love to hear if you have any advice for new couples out there.

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