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What Is The Holy Grail Of Cum? We Take A Look At This Internet-Viral Recipe For Bigger Orgasms

It’s very rare for me to find a sex-related topic I feel the need to really dig into. I was browsing through some different threads and forums online and came across the concept of “The Holy Grail of Cum” or HGoC. Let me tell you, I nearly spit out my water.

Theoretically, the The Cum Holy Grail combines various all-natural ingredients that are sometimes referred to as The Holy Grail or Holy Stack. The unique combo is specially designed to increase men’s ejaculate levels.

When I first stumbled across it on Reddit, I chuckled a little to myself and was prepared to move on. But, something was in me really wanted to dig a little deeper into the discussion. I found out that The Holy Grail of Cum is something that has been talked about even before the internet was around.

Numerous active Reddit threads and other obscure sexual health forums have been having this exact discussion for years and years. And men really swear by it. Apparently, we’ve all been missing out.

Are You Looking for The Holy Grail?

There is a chance you’re on the hunt for The Cum Holy Grail, whether you know it or not. Most men who are trying out The Holy Grail of Cum recipes are looking for one key thing – increase their load size. However, according to online forums, there are a lot of other benefits too.

Guys who’ve claimed to have achieved the ultimate Cum Holy Grail report;

  • Drastically increased cum load size
  • More prominent pre-cum
  • Increased stamina in bed
  • Better overall sex drive
  • Increased penis size and girth
  • Improved sex by intensifying the orgasm

These are just a few of the improvements you can find in the testimonials all over the internet. While there is little science to back these claims as of now, if you are looking to make these improvements in your life, it might be beneficial to read on.

The All-Natural Grail

Before going into detail over the experimental version of The Holy Grail of Cum, it’s important to first look at other routes. Our sexual health can be directly attributed to our daily routine, sexual habits, and diet.

Most men will agree that whether you are going to supplement with pills or not, hydration is truly key for how to cum more. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day can work wonders alone.

Another way to improve load sizes is something called edging. Edging is when you hold off on orgasming for as long as possible. The longer you can hold off the climax, the harder you will come.

A healthy diet can be very beneficial too. Eating cruciferous vegetables throughout the day can make a big difference in your testosterone levels and, therefore, your quality of sex.

The Holy Grail of Cum Formula

So, what is this magical formula that can supposedly increase ejaculate loads by volumes? There are a lot of different variations floating around, but a common one seems to be something along these lines:

  • L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength
  • Zinc, 50mg Strength
  • Pygeum, 100mg Strength
  • Lecithin, 1200mg Strength

Others include additional all-natural ingredients in their formula to enhance the effects.

  • Rou Gui is an ancient aphrodisiac used to increase libido, erection function, and sexual performance.
  • Xian Mao is another all-natural erection enhancer. Studies show that it supports a healthy sexual response and function in men.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus has been used throughout history. It is rich in essential nutrients and is shown to help with thyroid function (which in turn helps male reproductive health).

Again, every guy has his own version of what he thinks works best. You can easily go down a rabbit hole of experimentation on your quest. Or, you can opt to choose a supplement that’s already optimized to give you the results you want.

Before we get into health supplements that offer real results with a single daily pill, let’s talk a little more about the alleged HGoC formula.

How Does It Work?

While there doesn’t appear to be any scientific research or clinical studies that support the effectiveness of this particular formula, there is some information on how the ingredients on their own can help the load size.

  • L-Arginine is an amino acid found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy. It is a key component in circulation in your body.
  • Zinc is an essential nutrient to several different processes in your body, including growth and development.
  • Pygeum is derived from a tree called Prunus Africana native to Africa. It has been used for centuries to help shrink the prostate for men with an enlarged prostate.
  • Lecithin is generally made from soybeans or sunflower oil. It also occurs naturally in many other foods. It is proven to be beneficial in aiding the digestive system and immune function.

All of these together are meant to work together and help increase the ejaculation load size.

What Are People Saying About the HGoC Formula?

While many people seem to have their own variation of how to best achieve The Holy Grail of Cum, people are incredibly happy with the results.

One Reddit user claimed:

“Wife and I have intercourse 2x week and I get oral usually once in addition. She noticed on the solo act right away and had to get used to it it was that different. She also said she liked the pre cum tons on days for both of us cause she didn’t need lube any more…

Another Reddit user swore by the stack, saying:

But as for the stack, it definitely works. Zinc is a must-have but Lecithin and Pygeum really put it over the top. When I tried the stack, I went from 5-6 cum shots, to 8-9 consistently. The Pygeum also increased the girth from 6″ to 6.25″ almost immediately. After cycling in Pygeum, I also had more “aftercum” in which a lot of cum would just continue to ooze out after I was done shooting. I cycle on and off, but it’s worth it to have crazy intense orgasms and shooting out 8-9 thick loads of cum everywhere. Just feels so manly LOL”

The popular consensus regarding The Holy Grail of Cum is that it generally works very well for most men. Although, it is important to note that it seems to work best when paired with a nutritious diet and lots of hydration!

How to Find the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail of Cum is really just a vague concept brought about by a bunch of guys all seeking the same thing – a “perfect” cum load. As I mentioned before, men have their own variations of the formula. They also go about it in different ways.

You can find separate supplements for each ingredient and make a little cocktail of what you think is most beneficial for you and your body. Due to the gaining popularity of The Holy Grail, there are also products out there that do all the work for you.

The Holy Grail of Cum “Expert” 

During my research to find out what exactly The Holy Grail of Cum is, I stumbled across a guy who shares his entire journey related to the subject. His name is Dick Cummins. While I definitely eye-rolled at the obvious pseudonym, there is a lot of helpful information on his website about The Holy Grail of Cum.

Mr. Cummins writes about his journey searching for his holy grail and what he recommends are the best supplements on the market to help with this. He has blogged on his own experience; from trying all-natural ways to improve your load to trying various supplements for that extra boost.


Mr. Cummins’s top recommendation to help with load size is Semenax™. This powerhouse semen boosterSemenax™ contains all of the top ingredients in The Holy Grail of Cum formula (L-Arginine, Zinc, Lecithin) in addition to several others.

It includes Cranberry Extract, a secret aphrodisiac that helps with sexual fitness. Semenax™ also has Muira Puama, from the Amazon rainforest, that is proven to help increase sex drive and help with erectile-related issues.

Volume Pills™

Another recommendation that came highly suggested by Mr. Cummins is Volume Pills™. As the name suggests, Volume Pills™ aims to help significantly increase ejaculate volume.

Volume Pills™ have a long list of unique ingredients that help improve overall sexual function. This includes Arjuna (proven to help blood flow to sex organs) and Ling Zhi (a mushroom from Asia said to improve sexual stamina).

You can take a look at Mr. Cummins’s website to look further into the positives and negatives of both Semenax™ and Volume Pills™.

Finding The Holy Grail of Cum: Final Thoughts

After digging deep into the matter, I’ve found that The Holy Grail of Cum isn’t as concrete as one might think. It’s a vague concept that encompasses various all-natural ingredients targeting cum-load size.

Rather than mixing a random cocktail of ingredients on your own, it might be more beneficial to go with a supplement that already combines the essential elements you need.

Both Semenax™ and Volume Pills™ seem to do the trick when it comes to significantly increasing the amount of cum our bodies can produce. Both of which have a full 67-day trial period. Like it, or get your money back. So, why not start there?

If this is something you’re interested in learning about, I welcome you to explore the endless Reddit threads on the subject. Or better yet, go check out what Mr. Cummins has to say on the matter.

Wanna know how to, “How to Cum More for Better, More Intense Orgasms“? Follow the link to find out!

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