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The Secrets to Effective Penis Enlargement

With the cost of penis enlargement surgery in the U.S. in the $15,000+ neighborhood, you may be wondering if there is a cheaper way to make your penis bigger.

Yup, there are several – albeit with varying degrees of cost, risk factors and success. And we admit, you’re probably a little skeptical of penis enlargement because you’ve been inundated with spammy emails that clog up your inbox and make the industry look, well, not real.

Yet if you want to make your penis bigger, there are both good, effective and relatively affordable options, if you know where to look. In this article, we’ll talk about three of them.

Real Penis Enlargement: Your Options

There are several ways you can make your penis bigger, or at least appear bigger. These methods include:

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Penis enlargement surgery is a cosmetic procedure done to make the penis look bigger. Now look at the previous two words in that last sentence – “look bigger’. Not all penis enlargement surgical procedures add size, although with a bigger appearance, it can boost your confidence.

Penis Extenders – A Penis Extender is a device that sits on your penis and gradually elongates the shaft through light yet consistent pressure. Does this sound like a scam? Guess what – it works[1].

Penis Exercises – Penis Exercises like ‘jelquing’ can help elongate the penis through traction-based movements. This is similar to how you would put on muscle by progressively overloading your muscles with free weights. The PE Method is an excellent exercise routine to see growth in your most intimate of areas. Find out here, “PE Method Review – Safe, Effective, and Offers Lots of Value.”

Of course, there is a catch with penis enlargement. Most – yes, most – penis enlargement techniques or products are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

Consider that your penis is a series of blood vessels, ligaments and tissue that are easily disrupted and don’t take kindly to some of the more barbaric things that guys do for bigger penis, like hanging weights from it. Yes, really. Ouch.

Option #1 – Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery makes the penis look bigger. There are various ways to do this, but they all involve putting your Johnson under the knife.

One form of this, called phalloplasty[2], can be done for width or length. For penis lengthening, a surgeon cuts the ligament that connects the penis to pelvis interior, which in theory, makes it look longer.

Penis-widening phalloplasty may have better results. In this procedure, a surgical team transplants skin grafts from various body parts, which can include the chest, arms, legs or pubic areas, into the shaft, so it has a wider appearance. They can also use tissue from cadavers.

Satisfaction with phalloplasty isn’t much to write home about. A 2006 study published in European Urology found that, of 42 men who had done the procedure, only 35% were happy with the results[3], with many gaining less than inch in length.

Phalloplasty to widen the penis may have better results.

In recent years, another form of penis enlargement surgery, called Penuma[4], has gained approval by the FDA. There are currently only two practitioners licensed to do the procedure, which is not covered by insurance, and is not recommended to address erection problems either.

Still, Penuma appears to be a more promising form of penis enlargement surgery than earlier forms of the procedure. The Penuma is a crescent-shaped and medical-grade silicone insert that fits under your penile skin to make it look bigger.

It’s available in three sizes: large, extra large, and extra-extra large. Nice touch.

In the procedure, a team customizes the Penuma device to fit your penis. Surgeons then insert the Penuma over your shaft, like a sheath, under the skin of your corpora cavernosa – the two long cylinders of tissue that run along the shaft of your penis.

To do this, the team makes a surgical incision in your groin, at the base of the penis. The device then stretches your penis, which makes it bigger and longer.

One of the surgeons who does the Penuma procedure claims the procedure increases length and girth (width) by 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches respectively, which would put the increased erect length of an ‘average’ penis to 7.7 inches.

Still looking for more? Read our post, “The Absolute Best Penis Enlargement Solutions Without Surgery.”

Penis Enlargement Surgery Facts ⚠️

Cost: About $15,000

Gains: Between 1 to 2 inches when erect


  • Penuma procedure appears to work
  • Technology is Improving


  • Expensive
  • Not Covered By Insurance
  • Some Procedures Don’t Increase Size
  • Can Be Risky

Health Risks:

  • Risks of Anestheisa (Vomiting, Exhaustion, Heart Attack, Stroke)
  • Implant Perforation or Infection
  • Implant Breakage
  • Blood Clots
  • ‘Bulky’ Appearance

Our Take: The only way we would even consider penis enlargement surgery would be for the Penuma procedure, and done in the United States. This procedure tends to have a relatively high satisfaction rate. The $15,000 hurts though – and we’re not fans of some of the horror stories that come with some penis enlargement surgeries.

Option #2 – Penis-Enlarging Exercises

Penis exercises use traction to help increase growth of new penile tissue. Done right, this can be an effective technique, and you can do it in the privacy of your home. Done wrong, and, well, you don’t want to go there.

Your penis is your sex organ. It’s made of a series of blood vessels and ligaments that help you urinate, get an erection and spread your seed. You can damage your penis very easily, and yes, you can even ‘break’ your penis[5]. And that ain’t fun.

The point being? Safe penis exercises can help with penis enlargement. The wrong ones can be a nightmare – and may potentially harm your penis to the point that, worst case scenario, you can no longer get hard.

This isn’t to put the fear of God into you about penis exercises. It’s just that you’ll want to do penis exercises that are both safe and effective, typically as part of an exercise program designed by a urologist and with ongoing support to guide you through the process.

You may already be familiar with one of the most famous penis exercises. The ‘Jelq’ consists of a milking action done around a semi-erect or erect penis. To do a jelq, make a circle with your thumb and index finger. Now place it around the head of your penis and ‘milk’ it forward.

Congratulations – you know how to jelq.

Jelquing alone won’t give you a bigger penis. Still, it’s the foundation or part of many a penis exercise program. From our experience, it’s generally safe, and that’s very important when you’re looking for penis enlargement. But if you pursue penis exercises for a bigger penis, look for a system designed by a urologist, with good reviews, ongoing support and with live customer service if you run into problems.

Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs Facts ⚠️

Cost: $50 – $250+

Gains: 1 to 2 Inches


  • Affordable Penis Enlargement
  • Can Be Done in Private
  • Can Be Effective
  • Can Be Done With Confidential Online Instruction
  • Uses Traction To Increase Penis Size


  • Can Be Dangerous
  • Less Effective Than a Penis Extender

Health Risks:

  • Ligament Tearage
  • Bruising
  • Shaft Pain
  • Skin Irritation
  • Scarring

Our Take: Penis enlargement exercises are the most budget-friendly way to get a bigger penis. But with the risks involved, you’ll want to do this option with a safe and comprehensive penis exercise system, preferably designed by a urologist, that walks you through the steps and offers easy support if  you need it.

We like PEMethod.com for these reasons. More on that later.

Option #3 – Penis Extenders

A penis extender is a plastic or metal device that sits on the penis and gradually extends the shaft by encouraging new penile tissue. This is the slow and steady approach. Results are not immediate, and will likely take at least 3 months of you wearing the device for about 9 hours each day.

The good news? We know this works. A 2011 study found that guys who wore a penis extender traction device for 9 hours a day over three months added on average an inch in length[6].

And another review of penis-lengthening studies found penis extenders gave comparable results to penis enlargement surgery[7].

So yes, penis extenders work, and if you twisted our arm, we’d say they’re one of your best two options to make your penis bigger.

Of course, this is a commitment on your part. You’ll generally get better results with a penis extender if you wear it every day for about 6 months. Traction takes time, and for this, you’ll want a high quality, medical-grade device, again, designed by a urologist, and one that is both comfortable and that easily blends into your daily ritual, whether that’s work, school – even working out in the gym

Here’s what you need to know about penis extenders.

Penis Extender Facts ⚠️

Cost: $100+

Gains: 1 to 2 Inches


  • Effective Penis Enlargement
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Can Be Used to Straighten a Curved Penis
  • Fairly Discreet
  • Customizable With Extra Traction Bars For Extra Results


  • Must Be Worn 8+ Hours Daily
  • Can Be Cumbersome

Health Risks:

  • Ligament Tearage
  • Bruising
  • Shaft Pain
  • Skin Irritation

Our Take: A high quality penis extender is a good choice for convenient, discreet and affordable penis enlargement. That’s assuming you are willing to wear the device 8 hours daily for at least 3 months, and possibly up to six. Go for a high quality and medical grade penis extender. Our top pick is ProExtender Deluxe. We’ll talk about that later in this article.

Effective Penis Enlargement: Our Criteria

OK, so we know the most popular penis enlargement options and their respective pros, cons and the health risks that come with them. Now, you’re reading this article because you want our thoughts on which option is the best, correct? Well, let’s talk about that – here is what we look for when we recommend penis enlargement products.

Doctor-Designed – This is very important. Your penis is more delicate than you might think and you’re in danger of, potentially, irreversible damage in the wrong hands – pun intended. That makes it all the more important to buy a product or service designed by a urologist or someone very knowledgable of the field.

Ongoing Support – You’ll want a penis enlargement method that walks you through each step. If it’s a penis exercise program, instructions should be very clear, and there should be some way you can contact the team behind it if you have questions.

60+ Day Money-Back Guarantee – If it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Pretty simple, and that’s one of several reasons we don’t recommend penis enlargement surgery. There is no getting your money back in the event you’re not happy – or if things go sideways.

These aren’t the only things we look for in penis enlargement products or services, but they give you an idea of what’s important in an industry that’s often (justifiably) mistrusted.

If WE Were Looking to Make Our Penis Bigger

We’ve covered a lot of ground here and discussed the pros, cons and health risks that come with effective penis enlargement techniques. Now, if we were hypothetically in another dude’s shoes, and that dude wanted to make his penis bigger, this is what we would do.

Top Pick: PEMethod.com (Penis Exercise System)

PE Method is an online penis exercise program designed by world-renowned enlargement expert AJ Alfaro. He’s been featured in magazines including Men’s Health, Playboy and on MSNBC, among other places, and there’s a reason for that.

His method works. It’s based on the concept of progressive overload, which we’ve briefly talked about, in which users exercise, overload, and then rest their penis, just like when you build muscle with free weights.

It’s a progressive compound sequence that gently coaxes cells to multiple within the penile tissue. Well-designed and easy to follow. PE Method is a very good option for penis enlargement.

Why We Like PE Method:

  • It’s a Series of 7 Effective Penis Exercises
  • It’s Just 20 Minutes From Start to Finish
  • You Only Need to DO it 3-4 Times a Week
  • It’s Designed by AJ Alfaro (who knows his stuff)
  • It’s Budget-Friendly

Assuming you follow the instructions, PE Method guarantees two additional inches in length and an extra inch of girth in 91 days. With a 67 day money-back guarantee, this is an excellent blend of value and results. PE Method is your best choice to make your penis bigger.

Cost: $97

Learn More Here: PEMethod.com

Second Pick: ProExtender (Penis Extender Traction Device)

ProExtender is another good pick for effective penis enlargement. It’s a medical-grade device designed by a Danish urologist and is used in over 29 countries.

Simply put, it’s the best penis extender on the market, and tends to blend fairly well into a man’s busy life. Rough translation: it’s doubtful anyone will even know you’re wearing it.

But it’s inches that matter with penis enlargement, and there are plenty of those with ProExtender. This is a solid device that’s been featured in Men’s Health, the New York Times and even the BBC because, well, it gives men inches down there.

Bonus feature – ProExtender offers a premium model, called ProExtender Deluxe, which has extra bars that you can attached for further traction. Any guesses what happens then? Here’s a hint – more traction, more inches. You can literally ‘level’ your penis up to a Premium model.

Why We Like ProExtender:

  • Urologist-Designed
  • High-Quality Device Materials
  • Used By Doctors In Over 29 Countries
  • Excellent Reputation
  • You Can Add Even More Inches With ProExtender Deluxe
  • 6 Month Guarantee

Cost: $299.95 – $399.95

Learn More Here: ProExtender.com
Or Click Here to Shop Now

Conclusion: What Is the Best Penis Enlargement Method?

Each of the penis enlargement methods we’ve talked about bear consideration. We don’t leap with glee about penis enlargement surgery because of the costs involved and the risks of the procedure if they’re done outside the United States – which happens more often than you might think.

If you’re still interested in penis enlargement surgery, and you have $15,000 laying around (and about 6 months to recover), the Penuma technique appears to show good results.

Still, we’re not big on taking a knife to the penis because, well, it’s a knife to the penis. This leaves penis extenders and exercise systems.

We’ve discussed those at length. PE Method is the best of the penis exercises you’re going to find thanks to its 7 exercise progressive compound sequence, the guarantee and the man behind it.

At just $97, and 20 minutes a day for three to four days each week, and with a guaranteed two further inches in length, this is the best penis enlargement system for the average guy in our not-so-humble opinion.

But don’t let us talk you out of ProExtender – especially ProExtender System. This is another very effective and convenient route to further inches and the confidence that comes with a bigger penis. Yes,  penis enlargement really does work, if you know which route to take. Whether that’s PEMethod or ProExtender, you’ve got plenty more size on the way.

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