Semenax vs Volume Pills – Comparing Semen Volume Boosters

Do you love sex? Do you love building up to that ultimate climax, finishing explosively, leaving you and your partner breathless? Are you looking for a way to make sex even better? We’re here to compare a couple of high-quality semen volume boosters designed to improve your sex life—Semenax pills vs Volume Pills. 

Sex is a fantastic piece of life. It’s exciting, stress-relieving, and brings us closer to our partners. But what if it could be even better? If your finishes could be more powerful and your pleasure significantly greater? 

The best semen volume boosters could take your sex life to new frontiers. We’ll break down how Semenax and Volume Pills work, how they could help you, and ultimately how they stack up to one another. Our goal is to help you make the best decision on which all-natural semen volume booster is right for you. 

What this article covers:

Is a Semen Volume Booster Right for You? 

Sex should be something to look forward to and enjoy. Massive, muscle-contracting finishes can go a long way to making good sex become mind-blowing sex. The best semen volume boosters can naturally nourish your reproductive system to produce thicker, longer-lasting, ecstasy-inducing orgasms. 

A semen volume booster could be right for you if you’re: 

  • Dealing With Diminished Semen Volume 
  • Getting Less Pleasure From Cumming 
  • Having Issues With Sperm Health 
  • Looking to Have Better Sex 

Many guys will experience weakened loads, especially as we get older. Our browser histories are full of searches like “how to produce more sperm” or “how to increase semen volume”—for many, an elite semen volume booster is the answer. 

Semenax vs Volume Pills – The Best Semen Volume Boosters

Choosing between Volume Pills or Semenax was no easy task, but we did it for you. We’ll cut right to the chase. Semenax vs Volume Pills is a battle of titans, Goliath vs Goliath. Both products are top-notch health supplements. 

But what exactly makes an elite semen volume booster? It’s an excellent question. And we should say that the best semen volume boosters must meet a strict set of criteria. 

High-Quality Semen Volume Boosters: 

  • Produced By Trusted Manufacturers 
  • Offer a Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Use 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • Have Clinical Backing 
  • Deliver Timely Results 

Semenax and Volume Pills meet these standards and more. We’re pretty confident in saying both products could work for you. But we must choose a winner, and we did. More on that shortly. 

Increase Your Semen Volume 

Semen volume is vital to the male orgasm. It’s also indicative of a man’s overall health. Bigger loads not only bring you more pleasure, but they show that you’re an alpha male, which women love. 

But what exactly makes up the ejaculate you shoot? It’s a question that many don’t know how to answer.

Semen consists of a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Multiple glands and organs work together to produce semen constantly. We’ll break down exactly what makes up every load you fire now. 

  1. Seminal Vesicle Fluid 

Seminal vesicle fluid makes up about 60-80% of semen. This substance is essential for transporting sperm during ejaculation. The seminal vesicles, two glands near the prostate, secrete this vital fluid. 

Since seminal fluid makes up the bulk of semen, you must prioritize seminal vesicle health. 

3 ways to increase seminal fluid include: 

  • Get More Vitamins in Your Diet 
  • Increase Zinc Intake 
  • Reduce Alcohol Consumption 

You can make several lifestyle changes to improve the production of seminal fluid, resulting in larger cumshots. Additionally, the best semen volume boosters can also increase seminal fluid levels. Our Volume Pills vs Semenax will show you how. 

  1. Prostate Gland Fluid

Prostate gland fluid is the second most important component of semen. It makes up approximately 25% of semen volume—abundant levels of prostate gland fluid result in more forceful ejaculation. 

The prostate is crucial to sexual health and male health overall. It’s vital to maintain prostate health to achieve the best possible orgasms.

Healthy habits for prostate health are: 

  • Consume More Vegetables 
  • Eat Less Red Meat 
  • Drink More Water 

These habits will go a long way in promoting prostate health, resulting in bigger, more forceful ejaculations. 

  1. Bulbourethral Gland Fluid 

Bulbourethral gland fluid, commonly known as “pre-cum,” lubricates the urethra before ejaculation—making it essential to the power with which you cum. This fluid is responsible for the thick, jelly-like texture of semen. 

The two tiny bulbourethral glands sit where the urethra meets the prostate. Each gland has a duct that connects to the urethra. They contain thick proteins that combine with semen upon ejaculation.

Semenax vs Volume Pills—Increasing Semen Volume

Semenax and Volume Pills both work to nourish the 3 glands listed above with nutritious vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. With improved gland health, you’ll experience thicker, more forceful, highly pleasurable climaxes. Our Semenax vs Volume Pills comparison will describe precisely how each product does this. 

Semenax vs Volume Pills 

It’s time to get into the meat of this article—the Semenax Vs Volume Pills comparison. As we stated earlier, deciding between the two was nearly impossible. But in the end, we decided that Semenax slightly edges out Volume Pills. 

We’ll get into the specific reason we chose Semenax. But to put it bluntly, Semenax is likely the best semen volume booster on the market. So, although Volume Pills is a great product, it would always be a tough fight to win. 

To learn more about how Semenax compares to the competition, look at Semenoll vs Semenax and Semenax Vs Ultraload. 

Semenax vs Volume Pills – Why Semenax? 

Semenax is genuinely the cream of the crop. It has many factors working in its favor. The most influential is a double-blind clinical trial that concluded Semenax is legit, but we’ll get into that below. 

We’ll take a peek under the hood and see what Semenax can do for you here. If you’d like to learn more, check out a comprehensive Semenax real review

Semenax Results 

Semenax is an all-natural polyherbal blend that nourishes the male reproductive system and can deliver actual, tangible results. There are scores of guys exactly like you, having mind-bending, leg-quaking climaxes thanks to Semenax. 

Verified Semenax results include: 

  • Increased Semen Volume—The Semenax proprietary formula uses all-natural compounds to increase the health of your seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and bulbourethral gland, resulting in more semen volume for you. 
  • Enhanced Orgasmic Pleasure—Not only will your loads be more significant, but you’ll also be shooting with more force for several reasons. First, when you produce thicker semen, your brain uses neurotransmitters to signal your sex organs to fire more forcefully. Second, with more prostate gland fluid and bulbourethral gland fluid, your cum will naturally move through the urethra with less friction, leading to euphoric climaxes.
  • Improved Ejaculatory Control—An added feature unique to Semenax is that it helps you to control when you cum. If you’re having issues with premature ejaculation, this formula could help you. The prostate gland is crucial to managing when you finish. By improving its health, you’ll be able to cum when you want to. 

Hundreds of customer reviews back up these results. But not only that, the science backs up the results, as you’ll see in the Semenax clinical trial. In this Semenax Vs Volume Pills comparison, the Semenax results take the cake.

Here’s an excellent first-hand account of Semenax before and after results. It seems this guy figured out how to make sperm thicker and stronger while increasing semen volume. 

Who Makes Semenax? 

Leading Edge Health manufactures and distributes Semenax. They have been a reputable distributor in the health supplement world for many years. If you’d like to order Semenax online, check out our official webpage. 

Semenax Ingredients 

An ingredient list can tell you a lot about the quality of a health supplement. It’s important that each ingredient has some clinical backing and is present in proper doses. Semenax knocks these prerequisites out of the park. 

We’ll do a quick rundown of some key ingredients in Semenax. For a more comprehensive list, check out the manufacturer’s website. 

  1. Zinc Aspartate 30mg 

Zinc aspartate is a potent compound for improving semen volume. Zinc is an amino acid that is a building block for sperm. It’s found abundantly in the testicles. When combined with aspartate, another amino acid, zinc is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. 

  1. Vitamin E 60 IU (International Units) 

Vitamin E is a robust antioxidant that helps to maintain and regenerate cells, including sperm. Antioxidants are critical in reducing cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that significantly damages testosterone, subsequently damaging semen. 

  1. L-Arginine HCL 250mg

HCL stands for the salt form of L-arginine, the most easily absorbed form of this amino acid. L-arginine HCL helps to synthesize proteins that exist in semen. L-arginine can help to improve testosterone levels as well. 

Volume Pills Or Semenax Ingredients?

The ingredients in Semenax take a back seat to no competitors. They’re the best of the best. 

Semenax Clinical Trial 

Semenax is the only all-natural semen volume booster voluntarily subjected to a double-blind clinical trial. For those who don’t know, a double-blind clinical trial is the highest form of testing any health product can undergo. The results of this trial conducted by Vedic Lifesciences were stunning. 

The clinical trial featured 63 male participants and lasted 2 months. 32 men got daily Semenax supplementation, while the other 31 unfortunate men received a placebo. Nobody knew who got what, and researchers measured semen parameters after 60 days. 

The men receiving Semenax showed: 

  • A 20% Increase in Semen Volume 
  • Reported More Forceful Orgasms 
  • Felt Notable Improvements in Sexual Pleasure
  • No Negative Side Effects

Not even the makers of Semenax could have hoped for better results. Following the study, medical professionals concluded that Semenax increased semen volume with no known adverse side effects.

How Long Does It Take? 

We should stress that Semenax is not an overnight fix or magic pill. However, many users report noticeable improvements in only 2 weeks. Some users don’t experience results as quickly, but nearly all achieve semen volume gains in 60 days or less. 

It’s essential to remain consistent when using Semenax. The cumulative results can improve with time, but you will lose your enhanced semen volume if you stop using Semenax. 

Volume Pills or Semenax—Semenax #1 

We’ll tell you about Volume pills in concluding our Volume Pills Vs Semenax comparison. And we should say that Volume Pills is an excellent product in its own right. 

But Semenax is the creme de la creme of semen volume boosters. The science backs Semenax. That’s what put it over the top for us. If you’re interested in buying Semenax, save money and read up on the Semenax coupon code.

Volume Pills vs Semenax – Why Volume Pills? 

Look, Semenax is 1a on our list, but Volume Pills are 1b. It’s not fair to refer to Volume Pills as number 2 because it is just too good of a product. 

In this section of the Semenax Vs Volume Pills comparison, we’ll explain what makes Volume Pills the excellent all-natural semen volume booster we’ve come to know and love. 

Volume Pills Results 

Volume Pills are capable of getting you some great results. Both clinical research and customer reviews will back that up. Simply put, this product will do what it says it can do. 

Volume Pills results include: 

  • Enhanced Ejaculate Volume—The focus of Volume Pills is giving you more full loads.
  • Longer Orgasms—Similar to Semenax, Volume Pills can give you longer-lasting, more forceful orgasms. 
  • Improved Erection Strength—The active ingredients in Volume Pills work to increase the production of Nitric Oxide. This compound improves blood flow to the penis, resulting in longer, stronger erections. 
  • Higher Libido—Several clinically backed aphrodisiacs in Volume Pills can improve sex drive in men.  

Volume Pills have been improving the sexual health of users for a long time. It’s changed countless lives for the better. The results are legitimate. 

Who Makes Volume Pills?

Leading Edge Health, the maker of Semenax, also manufactures Volume Pills. And why not? They’ve been helping guys curious about how to make sperm thicker and stronger for years. 

Read more about Volume Pills Vs Semenax on our homepage. 

Volume Pills Ingredients 

Volume Pills incorporate many of the best ingredients that elite semen volume boosters share. Each element is perfectly dosed to nourish your reproductive system. We’ll touch on a few key ingredients here. 

  1. Zinc 24mg

As discussed in the Semenax ingredients section, zinc is a powerful amino acid promoting protein synthesis. It’s crucial in the production and health of sperm. 

  1. Solidilin 

This herbal compound is a common aphrodisiac. It’s primarily responsible for the libido-enhancing effects of Volume Pills. 

  1. Ling Zhi

A medicinal mushroom commonly used in China, ling zhi is a powerful antioxidant. It can improve prostate health.

Volume Pills or Semenax Ingredients?

Volume Pills do an excellent job of combining old-world herbals with modern ingredients. But they aren’t as prolific or high-quality as those in Semenax. 

Volume Pills Clinical Trial

Volume Pills itself hasn’t undergone a clinical trial. The lack of clinical trials is why we ranked Volume Pills behind Semenax in this Semenax Vs. Volume Pills comparison.  

How Long Does It Take?

Results on how long Volume Pills take to kick in vary. We’ve heard reports of notable improvements in just 3 weeks. However, other users report results in 50-60 days. 

Results will vary depending on age, genetic makeup, and overall health. Again, it’s essential to be consistent in usage. 

Volume Pills or Semenax—Semenax #1 

We like Volume Pills. But Semenax is a superior product. 

The clinical trial that showed Semenax could improve semen volume by 20% with no negative side effects sealed the deal. That said, you could certainly do much worse than Volume Pills. 

If you’d like to learn about another option, read about a Semenax alternative.

Semenax vs Volume Pills – Semenax Wins

It comes down to a fundamental question, Volume Pills or Semenax? And clearly, we’ve concluded this Semenax Vs Volume Pills debate. 

Semenax pill brings the heat with the double-blind clinical trial. There’s no getting around it. Semenax is the better product. And we have to respect that. 

If you’re a guy trying to figure out how to increase sperm volume, how to produce more sperm, how to make sperm thicker and stronger, or how to have great sex with massive climaxes, get Semenax. 

Thanks for reading this Semenax Vs Volume Pills comparison. Finish with the power and authority of an alpha male. Now get out there and have better sex.

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