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How to Get Longer, Harder Erections Without Drugs

So you want longer and harder erections, without drugs, and the sex life to go with it.

Congratulations – you’ve figured out what life is about. And yes, you can indeed have harder erections without so much as touching prescriptions that rhyme with “Niagara”.

You can do it, but it may not be easy. If you’re having erection problems, it may be caused by medication, your diet or a variety of lifestyle factors1

Are you prepared to ‘pop the hood’, so to speak, and make a few changes if so required? That’s the price of longer erections if you’re struggling to get hard – although Erectin can help make that easier. We’ll talk about that later.

Anatomy of An Erection: Why You Get Hard

An erection occurs when blood flows to your penis and floods two chambers, called the Corpora Cavernosa. This process starts in your brain, through sensations you hear, smell, feel and/or think. These thoughts tell your nerves to send chemical messages to open the arteries leading to your penis2.

As the blood flows to these chambers, pressure keeps it there and expands your penis. You get hard and, voila – there’s your erection.

When you ejaculate, tubes called the vans deferens squeeze sperm from your testes to the back of your urethra. Your seminal vesicles release fluid as well. At this point, your urethra senses the sperm and fluid mixture. When you’re at the peak of your sexual excitement, it tells your penis, via signals that move through your spine, to contract quickly and powerfully every 0.8 seconds.

That’s your climax – and you can actually extend your orgasm by forcing these orgasmic muscles to contract even faster, longer and with greater intensity. Look up Semenax. Then call us in the morning.

How to Get Harder Erections Without Drugs

To get harder erections without touching medication, you’re going to have to look at your lifestyle, diet, exercise habits and the various factor that affect many guys as we go through this crazy thing called “life”.

Contrary what you may have heard, while erection problems tend to be more common in older men, they’re not inevitable, and more often caused by medical issues than age itself.

Our point? Harder erections without drugs are, in many cases, a matter of choices and discipline. How bad do you want harder erections? If you’re prepared to make some changes, keep reading…

Watch Your Diet

If you want harder erections, look at your plate. You want foods that help blood flow to your brain, heart and throughout the body – including your penis.

Fats, fried and processed foods can lead to erection problems. Fruits and vegetables have the opposite effect. Some of the most erection-friendly foods include spinach, coffee, apple peels, avocados, chili peppers, carrots, oats and tomatoes3.

Also, walnuts appear to be very good for sperm. Bacon and processed meats are not.

If you really want to commit to harder erections without drugs, think about trying the Mediterranean diet. It’s high in pretty much all the good food groups we just talked about, and even squeezes a daily glass of wine in there for good measure. The link between Mediterranean diet and better sex, including harder erections, is well-established.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Yup, we know you’ve heard this one, and we know how gosh darn hard that can be, especially as you get older. But we can’t tip-toe around the link between your weight and sexual function4. Being overweight raises your risk of many life-altering health issues, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Both can affect your ability to get an erection.

There is no silver bullet to ‘maintaining a healthy weight’. Genetics can play a role here, and if you’re naturally blessed with a lighter physique, you’re one up on the rest of us. If you’re one of the ‘rest of us’, keeping a healthy weight generally means a Body Mass Index between 18 and 25.

You get there with diet and exercise. As we’ve discussed, the Mediterranean Diet can help with the former, and is particularly erection-friendly if you can make this adjustment.

Find out the correlation between, “What’s The Link Between Healthy Diet and Good Sex?

Be Wary of High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

It’s not a coincidence that health factors which affect the heart can destroy your erection. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are high on that list because they can damage your blood vessels, which you need to get hard.

You’ll want to speak with your doctor about both these concerns, particularly if you’re overweight or over 50.

Note that some blood pressure medications can make it hard to get an erection, although some of that may be caused by damage to the arterial walls. The bottom line? Speak with your doctor about high blood pressure and cholesterol if you’re having erection problems.

Drink Alcohol Moderately – Or Not At All

Remember what we said earlier about making some sacrifices if you want harder erections without drugs? If you’re a heavy drinker, it’s time to ease off a little – chronic heavy drinking can damage your nerves and liver. It can also disrupt your male sex hormones, which makes getting a harder penis challenging, to say the least.

As a rough guideline, most adult men can put back one ‘moderately sized’ drink a day. But again, that’s a conversation with your doctor.

Hit the Gym

Load up your Workout Playlist, then hit that weight room. Couch potatoes are at higher risk of erection problems than dudes who get off their rear and do resistance training, along with running, swimming and forms of aerobic exercise.

There is a slight caveat to this: if you want harder erections, you may want to avoid extensive cycling, which puts pressure on the perineum – the area between your scrotum and anus – which can lead to erection problems when done often.

Still, that’s not an excuse to sit on your tail and do nothing. Exercise in general is very good for sexual function, in no small part because it helps with weight control and helps with better blood flow.

One study suggests that 40 minutes of exercise, done four times a week, is beneficial for men who struggle to get hard.

Watch Your Testosterone

Here’s another one you may have seen coming. Testosterone tends to decline at roughly 1% each year after 40, although that rate can vary.

With lower testosterone, you may be moodier, have less stamina, lower sex drive, have more problems making decisions and, yup, fewer erections to go with them.

Low testosterone is a big issue, and yet another one that warrants a discussion with your doctor. But be sure you do. Testosterone plays a huge role in sexual function.

Don’t Smoke

C’mon, really?

While there may be a few health benefits to moderate drinking, there are none with smoking. It’s just the opposite – among many other ways smoking breaks the body down, it can harm the blood vessels, which impedes blood flow to your you-know-where.

Also, nicotine contracts blood vessels, which further makes it hard for blood to reach your penis.

Lower Your Stress

Relax bud – literally. Stress boosts the hormone adrenaline, which, like nicotine, contracts the blood vessels. Obviously you can’t remove all stress from your life. But if you want harder erections without drugs, it’s important to look for ways to manage it better.

Best Ingredients For a Harder Penis

Those are the lifestyle habits that can help give you a harder penis without drugs. But there’s a lot of virility in nature too, if you know where to look. For many guys, just making these lifestyle changes might be enough. Yet if you want to go even bigger, look for the following natural ingredients, which can help with better blood flow to your Johnson and boost your sex drive as well.

Muira Puama – There’s a reason they call this Brazilian shrub ‘potency wood’. Muira Puama is linked to lower stress, boosted energy and higher sexual function. Just as important, a French study found 262 men with erection problems found 62% of the men benefitted from using it.

Chinese Hawthorn – Also called ‘Hawthorn Berry’, these nifty little vasodilators help blood flow throughout the body. They’re also packed with age-fighting antioxidants, both of which help lower blood pressure and give men harder erections as a result.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is a serious testosterone booster. It’s a palm tree native to the Southeastern United States that shows benefits linked to stable testosterone levels, including fewer urinary problems, less hair loss and better health of the prostate.

Damiana Leaf – You don’t need to smoke Damiana Leaf to get good and randy. You can simply take it in a supplement like Erectin and let it go to work – something it does very well, with benefits including higher sex drive, better sexual performance and physical stamina.

Korean Red Ginseng – Sometimes called ‘Asian Red’ or ‘Panax Red Ginseng’, whatever you call it, Ginseng delivers. It’s linked to higher levels of nitric oxide – a molecule that helps with better blood flow. It’s linked to more energy too, and if you want harder erections without drugs, it’s a keeper.

Tribulus Terrestris – Commonly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, Tribulus Terrestris is a small plant linked with thorns. Relax, you don’t want the thorns, you want the berries they’re protecting. They’re packed with nutrients that boost the sex drive.

Bioperine – Bioperine is derived from pepper. It helps with nutrient absorption and can make ingredients it combines with to be up to 30% more effective. Think of it as a natural turbo-charger – one that can give you bigger and harder erections and the performance to go with it.

Try Enteric Coating For Better Nutrient Absorption

Enteric coating is a protective barrier around medications or supplements that protect the nutrients inside the capsule from dissolving in stomach acid and delivers them to the small intestine, which puts them to use5.

Where you might get 5% absorption from a traditional health supplement, enteric coating raises that as high as 95%. With better nutrient absorption, you should see more benefits in the bedroom. And if you combine that with a liquid gelcap format, you get even more of those nutrients because they’re efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream, where they’re moved throughout your body.

So you’re getting much higher nutrient absorption, and more of those nutrients in your blood for maximum results.

Why We Recommend Erectin

Here’s the part where we tell you the supplement you should try for harder erections.

Granted, you’ll still want to adopt the diet and lifestyle habits we’ve already discussed. But you may also want to combine then with Erectin – a natural virility supplement that brings hardness, size and stamina like few, if any product you’ve ever tried.

Why We Like Erectin: Erectin packs each of the nutrients we’ve talked about. The Ginseng is there. You’ve got the Damiana Leaf, the Bioperine and several others that make the Erectin formula a powerful one.

But we also like Erectin because it’s got enteric coating in a liquid gelcap. Meaning? A world of harder erections naturally, and a sex life that few guys will ever experience – but you will if you give it a chance.


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In conclusion, it is certainly possible to get harder erections without drugs. But again, look at your lifestyle. Watch your diet and hit the gym. If you smoke – don’t. If you drink, a little moderation and your sex drive may thank you.

Think about adding some walnuts to your diet as well, food allergy permitting.

Erectin can help with harder erections too. It’s not a drug. Nor is it an excuse to let yourself go. Harder erections happen when everything comes together: your diet, your lifestyle and the nutrients you put in your body.

In short, it’s work, but well worth the effort. Your sex drive will thank you – and your erections may too.

Or are you looking for more ways on “How to Get Longer, Harder Erections Without Drugs“? Find out more with our post.

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