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Elderberry Plus

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Elderberry Plus is a multi-enhancing immunity formula conveniently available in chewable tablets. The unique combination of ingredients helps support, protect, and enhance your immune system and respiratory health. You’ll find these tasty immune-boosting chewables perfect for travelling and anytime you’re on-the-go.

  • Ultra Rich Antioxidant Formula
  • Multi-Enhancing Immunity Complex
  • Promotes Respiratory Health
  • Loaded with Bacteria-Fighting Compounds
  • Support, Protect & Enhance Your Immune System
  • Helps Reduce Throat Irritation
  • Defends Against Damaging Free Radicals

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67 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The Lifelong BATTLE for Your Health!

Your immune system is a complex network of special organs, cells and tissues -working together - to DESTROY “tiny invaders” called pathogens.

These pathogens are what make us SICK.

The most common pathogens are bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

But your immune system works tirelessly to keep you well. With 24/7 “surveillance”. Always ready to quickly assemble a team of specialized cells to ELIMINATE a threat to your health.

And the role of your immune system is to keep you healthy - YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

That’s why we created Elderberry Plus.

A convenient option for helping your immune and respiratory health, naturally.

Enhancing Your Immune System with Elderberry Plus

Throughout the centuries many herbs, fruits and spices have been used to improve immunity.

But there are some that stand out FAR above the others.

Two of them would be Elderberry and Echinacea.

Elderberry has been shown to have 4X more anthocyanins than common berries.

Anthocyanins are rich flavonoids with powerful antioxidant effects.

And Echinacea has a unique “calming” effect which could help reduce stress. But not just any kind of stress. Echinacea “targets” a certain stress that weakens the immune system.

That’s why Echinacea is such a powerful way to support your immune health.

But there are other, less-known nutrients, that are immune-boosting superstars in their own right.

This includes Marshmallow Root and Mullein. Which are both in the Elderberry Plus formula.

The benefits of taking the ingredients in Elderberry Plus are:

  • Reduce congestion
  • Decrease irritation of the throat
  • Reduce swelling lymph nodes
  • Help alleviate dry, itchy coughs
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Reduces severity of symptoms
  • Helps immune system destroy bacteria
  • Helps Guard mucous membrane throughout the body
  • Reduce pain and inflammation in sore throat

But Elderberry Plus is a lot more than just an immunity booster.

This powerful formula is available in convenient, chewable tablets.

Now you can easily support your immune system anywhere you go!

Enhance Your Immune System

With the most recent pandemic - immune health has never been more important.

And with Elderberry Plus you have a convenient option to enhance your immune system naturally while you’re on the go.

If you’re planning a trip to a crowded place, be sure to take your Elderberry Plus beforehand!

And if you’re planning a trip, take Elderberry Plus with you.

Protect Your Respiratory Health
While You Travel!

Planning a long trip?

A fascinating study with 312 economy class passengers boarding an overseas flight saw immune benefits and respiratory health benefits while taking an Elderberry extract.

This study showed taking Elderberry while travelling on a plane could help reduce symptoms and speed-up recovery time.

That’s why Elderberry Plus is a great way to protect your immune system while you travel.

But even if you’re not planning a trip, keeping your immune system STRONG all-year-long is very important.

Support Your Immune System
All Year Long!

Elderberry Plus can be taken daily, all year long.

This way you can support your immune system 365 days a year!

Your immune system works all day, everyday.

So why not give your immune system extra “firepower” by fueling it daily with the Elderberry Plus formula?

You’ve got nothing to lose with our 67-day, money-back guarantee!

Try Elderberry Plus

Elderberry Plus is backed by our 67-day money-back guarantee.

This way you can try our amazing immune-boosting formula absolutely RISK-FREE!

If you wish, simply return for a full refund, minus shipping.

Or you can keep taking Elderberry Plus for continual NATURAL immunity support!

Order your fresh supply today.

Select from our available packages above.

As you’ll see, the more you order, the more you’ll save!

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Here’s what’s in the Elderberry Plus Formula

(sambucus nigra) (fruits) Extract 10:1

Elderberries are small, dark fruits grown on Sambucus trees.

These amazing superfruits have been associated with immune health for centuries - but they are becoming a lot more popular in recent years.

That’s because research shows these little berries pack a powerful PUNCH!

Most importantly, their unique polyphenol compounds called anthocyanins are what makes these berries so effective for BOOSTING immune health.

In fact, Elderberries have nearly 4X MORE anthocyanins than common berries.

And that’s why our formula is LOADED with fresh, pure, Elderberries - at an ULTRA POWERFUL 10:1 extract!.

(Echinacea purpurea) (root)

Echinacea is a flowering plant in the daisy family.

They can be found in eastern and central parts of North America and Europe.

These plants have been traditionally used for their immune-boosting properties. That’s because Echinacea can support your immune system in multiple ways.

First, it could help reduce your symptoms when sick.

Then, it could help you recover faster by enhancing your immune system.

Echinacea also helps people “relax”. Which is important because stress “attacks” and weakens immune function. So Echinacea works by reducing the negative effects of stress - helping your immune system perform like it should.

With Elderberry Plus, you’re getting high-quality Echinacea for enhanced immune support!

(Verbascum thapsus) (leaf)

Mullein has been used for centuries to help pain, inflammation, coughing and more.

This amazing plant is most popular for its soothing respiratory benefits

By the late 1800’s, Mullein was a popular option in the United States and the United Kingdom for many respiratory health problems.

A lab test in 2002 showed Mullein helped destroy certain types of bacteria.

And recent research showed something fascinating about this plant. Mullein is reported to contain crucial immune-boosting and bacteria-fighting compounds, such as:

  • Flavonoids
  • Saponins
  • Tannins
  • Terpenoids
  • Glycosides
  • Alkaloids
  • Polyphenols

Mullein is EXPLODING with these powerful immune-boosting compounds

And you get a healthy serving of pure Mullein extract with each tablet of Elderberry Plus.

This way you can help improve and protect your respiratory health!

Marshmallow Root
(Althaea officinalis)

Did you know Marshmallow Root has been used for centuries in ancient Greek and Egypt as a suppressant for coughs.

Not only that, throughout history it’s uses broadened as the health benefits became more clear.

One special active ingredient in marshmallow root is mucilage.

Mucilage contains antioxidants. And can also have a soothing effect by coating the esophagus.

These antioxidants could also help protect your body from damaging free radicals.

Marshmallow Root also has amazing immune-boosting benefits.

Which is why the Elderberry Plus formula contains this powerful nutrient.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient necessary for your body to function properly.

It’s a powerful antioxidant which helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

Boosting the production of lymphocytes and phagocytes, Vitamin C helps protect your body against infections.

However, low levels of Vitamin C have been linked to poor immune health.

So it’s important to keep optimal levels of Vitamin C.

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C, so it must be consumed through diet or supplementation.

That’s why we included this powerful immune boosting vitamin in the Elderberry Plus formula!

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The Immune-Boosting Nutrients In
Elderberry Plus Have Shown Positive
Results in Many Clinical Studies.

Read below to see 5 exciting examples!

Elderberry Shows Promising Results
for Air Travel

There was a fascinating study with 312 economy class passengers boarding an overseas flight from Australia.

The purpose of this study was to see if Elderberry could benefit these passengers' physical and respiratory health.

So the researchers gave half the passengers a placebo and the other half a standardised membrane filtered elderberry.

The results were incredible!

The passengers given a placebo experienced more severe symptoms and took longer to recover.

But those given the elderberry experienced less severe symptoms. And a significantly faster recovery rate!

Echinacea Helps Reduce Stress that
Suppresses the Immune System

Research shows stress could stifle immune function.

So a study was done to see if Echinacea could help reduce the immune “attacking” effects of stress.

This study was performed on mice in a lab.

And the results were quite fascinating.

You see, typically under stress, your immune system slows its natural killer (NK) cell activity. Which is not good if you need to fight-off any nasty symptoms.

But the mice given Echinacea were shown to have normal NK cell activity, even under stress!

But not only that, the mice given Echinacea also had significantly higher percentages of lymphocytes. Which could help you recover faster if you’re not feeling well.

These results also showed Echinacea helped restore serum cytokine levels which is crucial for a healthy immune function.

Clemson University Researches Results on
Mullein A.K.A. the “Bacteria Killer”

There was a study done in 2002 with the Department of Plant Pathology and Physiology from Clemson University.

Researchers wanted to observe the biological activity of Mullein with various bacteria and viruses.

These researchers discovered something quite fascinating during their observations.

The compounds in Mullein were very active when in contact with these pathogens.

These findings suggest Mullein indeed helps fight against these particular bacteria and viruses.

Intriguing Surveys Show Marshmallow Root is
an Effective Cough Suppressant

A study performed in Germany was conducted to see how effective Marshmallow Root was for helping people with their coughs.

Participants either got Marshmallow Root as a lozenge or in syrup form.

And after 7 days the participants were asked to fill-out a questionnaire.

The results from this study were stunning.

The researchers concluded that Marshmallow Root is an effective way to naturally reduce coughing symptoms without major side-effects.

That’s because participants reported significant benefits from taking Marshmallow Root.

Multiple Studies Reveal Elderberry’s Immune-Boosting Potential

Several in-vitro studies have shown elderberries effectively fighting against several common seasonal health problems.

Researchers believe elderberries trigger an increase of inflammatory cytokines which could be extremely beneficial for the immune system.

It seems the more research published on elderberries the more popular they become!

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