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Sexual Health

Increase Semen Volume

Your Guide To Better Orgasms

There are plenty of reasons to try and increase semen volume. Whether you’re looking for more fun in the bedroom or you’re trying to increase fertility to conceive a child. There are a few things you can do. Here’s what you should know about this subject. When you’re finished read about, “How to Cum More for Better, More Intense Orgasms.”

Semen vs. Sperm

This is one of the first and most important things to understand when you’re trying to increase your volume.

Semen is the entire liquid that you excrete when you ejaculate. An average male produces about 2 to 5 mL per ejaculation, or roughly a teaspoon on average.

Sperm are contained within semen and produced in a different part of the body.

This distinction is important because increasing your semen volume is not the same as raising your sperm count. A smaller ejaculation comprising healthy and active sperm will mean you’re more fertile. Opposed to someone with a large ejaculation but a low concentration of viable sperm.

In other words, before you start considering techniques or supplements, you need to identify your goal. If you’re trying to increase fertility, sperm volume is secondary at best. If you want a larger load because you or your partner enjoy that. You don’t need to worry about your semen count and avoid strategies that focus on that.

Many men don’t distinguish between these processes, so they focus on the wrong strategy for meeting their objectives. Don’t do that. Figure out what you want first, and go from there. As long as you keep your focus on the right goal. You can evaluate your strategies better and spend your time on things that will work.

What’s The Science Behind It? How Much Can I Store?

The science behind semen and sperm production is well-understood at this point, which is useful for understanding how to affect it.

Each sperm takes about ten weeks to reach maturity. Which is when the body moves it out of the testes and into the nearby epididymis. They can remain there for approximately two weeks. During which point they’ll either move out during ejaculation or end up getting broken down and reabsorbed into the body.

This reabsorption process is why there’s a pretty hard limit on the maximum amount of sperm you can put into your semen. You can’t store up for a month at a time and then unleash a super-fertile load with the maximum chance of inducing pregnancy. Regardless of what you might see in fictional stories to increase semen volume.

Daily Tricks To Increase Semen Volume

Now let’s look at some daily tricks you can do to help adjust your semen volume.

Fair warning: This isn’t going to give you hilariously oversized ejaculations. That wouldn’t be safe for you, given how fast it would dehydrate your body. Instead, the most effective approach is a combination of strategies that can affect you in different ways.

1. Change Your Underwear

If you’re currently wearing anything that keeps the testes close to your body, switch. Try something that lets them hang as far down as possible. Sperms are highly sensitive to temperature changes, so by keeping them further away from your warm body, they have more opportunity to grow.

This ultimately helps improve fertility by promoting a higher sperm count, and it’s one of the simplest, cheapest, and easiest strategies you can implement.

2. Hydrate

Really! Semen is a liquid, and just like all the other fluids in your body, failure to hydrate enough can impact it. Or rather, your body may decide that semen production is secondary compared to running other functions. So it’s going to send water to the essential places regardless of your opinion on the matter.

A 2013 study found that almost half of all American adults weren’t drinking enough water, which is way higher than it should be. Caffeinated drinks like coffee and alcoholic beverages don’t count either. They make you need to urinate more and can dehydrate you instead of helping out.

In short, you should try to drink at least four 8-ounce cups of water each day to help manage and maintain strong semen emissions. Even the best supplements in the world can do so much if you aren’t getting enough water.

The reason we’re bringing these strategies up is that we believe in facts. Not in unproven, word-of-mouth tricks that may or may not have any measurable impact on your performance. But in testable and verifiable information backed up by scientific investigation and a reasonable level of cautious scrutiny.

3. Take Herbs And Amino Acids

Herbs are well-known for their beneficial properties. While concentrated essential oils from herbs aren’t a magical cure-all for any disease. Herbs do have tested and verified benefits like garlic’s ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Our bodies can gain a wide variety of benefits from different plants. Which is one reason that herbal medications have been used for so long in so many societies over time. While herbs aren’t always as effective as modern medicines, they can have beneficial properties when taken in the appropriate doses to increase semen volume.

Even fan-favorite pain reliever aspirin was originally made from powdered willow bark thousands of years ago. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best and most useful herbs and amino acids for affecting semen volume.

As a note, you’re about to see a lot of Chinese names. This is mainly because China’s cultivated herbal treatments for thousands of years and kept impressive details about each herb’s effectiveness. No herb is individually a magic bullet for semen volume. They do have time-tested benefits that can combine to have tremendous impacts on your fertility.

Ku Gua

Ku gua, also known as bitter melon, is a vegetable grown in Asia, East Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. That’s a large part of the world, and the name comes from its distinctively bitter taste.

While ku gua has several promising applications, research is ongoing on most of those. The part we care about today is its impact as a testosterone booster. Testosterone is, of course, famously known as the “male hormone” and plays an important role in sexual performance.

Before you run out to buy testosterone supplements, though, it’s better to hold back a little. Too much testosterone is a bad thing for semen volume, just as much as too little testosterone. That’s why ku gua is an excellent ingredient to use when you’re trying to increase semen volumes.

The goal is to see a modest increase in testosterone, putting you closer to a middling level throughout the day. The goal isn’t high testosterone; it’s just being high enough to encourage regular semen production as part of maximizing fertility.

We’re emphasizing this detail because we believe it’s essential to understand what you’re doing and why when you’re taking herbal supplements with specific ingredients. Wanting a bigger load is entirely normal. But we’d be remiss in our duties to you if we didn’t focus on having realistic, science-backed explanations.

Ling Zhi

Also known as Ganoderma Lucidum, this fungus is valued for its pharmaceutical values. Most mushrooms are cultivated for their general nutritional values. Which makes ling zhi stand out all the more as a uniquely interesting fungus to increase semen volume.

Scientific studies are ongoing but suggest benefits that include anticancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and blood glucose regulation. This is another indirect benefit for increasing semen volume, but as we’re establishing in this article, even indirect benefits are extremely useful.

This mushroom’s compounds don’t magically cure all diseases, but they do promote overall good health. If your body isn’t busy fighting off diseases all the time, it can devote more resources to other areas like the testes. This can help improve sperm count and support fertility.

San Guo Mu

San guo mu has less of an impact on semen volume than some other herbs, but that’s okay because it’s doing a different job. Its primary benefit is controlling blood pressure. As most men know, vigorous sex is quite a workout and can lead to a heavy, pounding heart rate.

Moderating blood pressure makes it easier to pace yourself and last longer during intercourse. This gives your body time to make sure areas besides your heart get nutrients during intercourse. Maximizing ejaculation performance and indirectly contributing to your volume.

As a secondary benefit, this herb reminds us that many of the most useful supplements provide indirect support. Rather than targeting the body and somehow specifically increasing semen volume while doing nothing else. They help your body set up the right conditions to maximize semen volume.


Solidilin is a proprietary formula based on natural extracts that focuses on increasing sexual desire and managing the production of dopamine. However, this ingredient’s real value is in the way it subtly adjusts your brain to focus on sexual performance.

When you stimulate certain aspects of the brain, it starts devoting more bodily resources to that area. This means it encourages higher sperm counts for fertility, more interest in sexual activities, and ultimately better performance. When the brain wants to focus on semen production, it does.

In other words, this ingredient does a little sleight-of-hand with the brain. Its effects on semen volume are secondary results of its effects on the brain. But those secondary effects are a key reason people take it in the first place.

Tian Men Dong

While this may have a grin-inducing name, it’s much simpler than the Chinese name implies. This is the root of the asparagus plant, which is known for the long, thin stalks that are delicious after you sautee them.

Asparagus stalks are healthy in their own right and work as part of a balanced diet. The root is a soft and chewy substance that helps improve blood flow. It purifies the lungs for better oxygen flow, and likely has some benefits for the kidneys.

Xi Lan Rou Gui

This Chinese herb has a long history in treating sexual conditions, but its real value is functioning as a vasodilator. That’s a fancy medical word that means it opens blood vessels a little more than they usually do. Which loosens your muscles a little and encourages blood flow.

That increase in blood flow is why Xi Lan Rou Gui is a useful ingredient for increasing semen volume. Higher blood flow means more nutrients are delivered throughout your body and waste gets removed faster. That directly equates to healthier functions throughout your body.

Each area involved in making semen can only work with the ingredients it gets through the bloodstream. You can think of this herb as improving a factory production line by optimizing material input routes.

What this herb doesn’t do is substitute for the nutrients themselves. In fact, taking this herb alone, without getting anything else at the same time, wouldn’t have much of an impact.

The best approach to increasing semen volume involves a holistic approach to things. This herb makes it easy to deliver nutrients, but that only matters as long as you’re getting nutrients to deliver. In short, don’t forget to eat healthily!

Xian Mao

This is an aphrodisiac in smaller quantities. Avoid overdoing this one because it can be toxic in too high of a quantity. However, just a little bit can improve your sexual experience and performance. Like Solidilin, stimulating the brain helps improve semen volume by encouraging the body to send more resources that way.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is an essential micronutrient, second to iron in its prevalence as a trace mineral in your body. This specific form, zinc gluconate, is a common over-the-counter option that sees use in various cold remedies.

Its primary value for semen volume is its ability to promote the growth and development of body tissues. That includes areas in the testes for sperm production. But it impacts the tissues that form the other liquids that mix together to create semen.

While you can’t exercise these tissues the same way you can lift weights to bulk up your biceps, the same fundamental principles apply. Healthy tissues are stronger and perform better. Weaker tissues will result in smaller semen volume no matter what other supplements you’re taking.

It takes time for the body to change tissues. Though you might not see the effects of zinc gluconate the day you start taking it. Expect more of a long-term benefit as your body replaces older, weaker cells and grows newer, healthier ones.

Will Any Of This Help Treat Disease?

Most techniques and supplements for increasing semen volume are not specifically intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. They are probably not registered as such in the United States or other countries. 

Rather, these strategies assume that you’re a healthy person who can benefit from mild to moderate diet or lifestyle changes. All while seeking to improve semen volume. If you’re suffering from a disease that reduces semen volume, even the best supplements may not be able to help. You should focus on treating the disease first.

To supercharge your body’s semen production, in addition to lifestyle changes mentioned here. We recommend a mixed-ingredient supplement stack like Semenax or Volume Pills. The human body does better with nutrition from diverse sources. Supplements that increase semen volume tend to be more effective if they include a wide variety of ingredients in nutritionally-meaningful amounts.

There are no single-ingredient treatments that can increase semen volume in everyone with no other effects. The main reason we know this is because if there was, it would be more popular than Viagra, and everyone would know about it.

Do Infertility Treatments Help Semen Volume?

They could! Infertility in men can either be a lack of semen production or a lack of viable sperm production. In addition, natural supplements like VigRX Fertility Factor 5 can help improve sperm count, shape, mobility, and production, increasing overall semen volume.

With that said, infertility treatments might or might not affect your semen volume if you’re currently fertile and looking for a bigger emission. While we don’t encourage going overboard and popping every supplement you can find. It may be worth trying products like this one to see if they end up helping.

Should I Talk To My Doctor?

Most supplements are safe enough if you’re taking them in smaller doses. So you don’t necessarily need to talk to your doctor if you’re generally healthy and want to increase semen volume.

However, you should definitely talk to your doctor prior to starting any semen volume-increasing strategy. Especially if you’re currently suffering from any disease, or you’re on any medication. There probably won’t be any issues. But there’s still a small chance that things like blood dilation herbs could negatively impact the performance of other medicine you’re taking.

We believe in the science here, so ultimately this is a simple consideration. Trust the experts and talk to your doctor if there’s any chance of a negative interaction.

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