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ExtenZe: The #1 Most Trusted Extended Release Male Enhancement Formula

ExtenZe may be the most famous natural male enhancement pill on the planet. In two decades, and with over a billion pills sold (yup, a billion – with a ‘B’), it’s a pioneer in male enhancement.

It’s also probably the most famous natural sex pill. ExtenZe has been featured on TV and has been endorsed by adult film heavyweight Ron Jeremy and NFL legend Jimmy Johnson.

Love it or hate it, ExtenZe gets noticed. But does it actually work and…wait for it…should YOU buy ExtenZe?

For a variety of reasons, we highly suggest that you should.

ExtenZe: At a Glance

ExtenZe brings it. That’s why it’s survived this long and sold over a billion pills in the process. You don’t survive the cut throat male enhancement without some serious mojo in the formula and the results to show for it.

Here’s what ExtenZe brings to you, the dude who wants a world of love in the bedroom.

Product Type: Natural Male Virility Pill

Format: Liquid Gelcap with Extended Release


  • Helps Boost Erection Size and Hardness
  • Increases Sex Drive
  • Gives Explosive Climaxes
  • Boosts Sexual Satisfaction

Guys take ExtenZe to show up in the bedroom. It was one of the first natural sex pills for guys and hit the market around the same time its other, more famous erection pill competition hit the market.

Here’s a hint: that competition rhymes with ‘Niagara’.

So how does ExtenZe stack up against its prescription erection pills brethren, and is it worth the dollars you work so hard to put in your bank account? Let’s put it to the test.

Extenze: The Pros

ExtenZe is an excellent product. When you buy ExtenZe, you get hard, and bigger, and have the stamina to go the distance and turn your bedroom into a rompin’ good time.

That’s what you want when you buy a natural sex pill. With ExtenZe, you get that in a big way. Here’s why:

  • Well-Known Brand
  • Powerful, Natural Formula
  • Expert Dosage
  • Liquid Gelcap Format
  • Maximum Absorption in the Bloodstream
  • Enhanced Benefits
  • Made in the United States

Let us explain why the liquid gelcap is ideal. This helps put the ExtenZe formula in liquid gel form more slowly into your blood, which allows for a high concentration for your body to process. It’s called ‘extended release’ because it ‘extends’ the formula – and the results you can expect.

ExtenZe gets ‘extended’. Cute, huh?

Also, while we’re on the topic. Don’t overlook the fact that ExtenZe is made in the United States. That’s a big deal because health supplements that are made abroad – particularly in China – may have undisclosed ingredients in their formulas.

Those undisclosed ingredients can be dangerous, especially if you’re taking medications or have a health condition.

And those undisclosed toxins may be anything from aspirin to rat poison. Get the picture?

When you buy ExtenZe, you’re buying a product made in the United States. While not fool proof, you’re likely at a lower risk of unwanted and undisclosed toxins ending up in the product this way – and more importantly, into your body.

ExtenZe: The Cons

With the good come the bad. While there are not many disadvantages with ExtenZe, it’s still important to mention the following:

  • Takes At Least 30 Days To See Results
  • A Little Expensive

On that first point, yes, it’s true that you likely won’t see results in the first day or two with ExtenZe. You’re probably looking at about 3 weeks to a month before you see increases in the bedroom. That’s because the ingredients need time to build up in your system and put them to work.

That’s pretty standard with most health supplements, although you may want to use a topical product like VigRX Oil to get you an erection in those few weeks while you wait for the benefits of ExenZe to really kick in.

On the second point, you get what you pay for. ExtenZe is quality, and you pay for it. Still, you can save a little money if you buy ExtenZe in one of the higher packages, especially if you buy ExtenZe at Leading Edge Health.

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What to Expect

In short, expect a new sex life with ExtenZe. That’s because it’s made with a series of herbals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that boost blood flow to the penis and increase overall sexual desire. When you buy and use ExtenZe, you can expect:

Bigger and Harder Erections – ExtenZe helps boost the penis’s ability to hold and retain blood. That helps you get a bigger erection, and keep it.

Higher Sex Drive – The ExtenZe formula is well-known to help kick start the libido. You’ll be very randy.

Better Stamina – You should last longer in bed with ExtenZe.

Awesome Climaxes – Your climax could be a heck of a lot more fun as well. Yes, we just said that. ExtenZe really does bring it.

Allow For Spontaneous Sex – Once your body process the nutrients in ExtenZe, you should have a better ability to have sex whenever you like, rather than taking one pill for each ‘session’.

What’s In the Product?

Here’s a little secret about ExtenZe, and male enhancement pills in general.

They’re only as good as the ingredients within them – and the dosage too. Fortunately, that’s where ExtenZe really excels, with a proprietary natural formula that really does it when things matter. Some of the highlights of the ExtenZe formula include:

Zinc – Helps sperm and boosts testosterone.

Folate – Boosts healthy red and white blood cells.

Piper Longum – Fights anxiety and helps with nutrient absorption.

Ginger – This is an aphrodisiac and helps blood flow to the penis.

Tribulus Terrestris – Helps boost testosterone and overall male sexual function.

Korean Red Ginseng – Helps erection rigidity, thickness and sex drive.

Horny Goat Weed – Boosts testosterone and sexual function.

Damiana – Helps with erection quality, stamina and sexual desire.

Muira Puama – A powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Pumpkin – Linked to better sperm quality and health of the prostate.

ExtenZe User Reviews

Here’s another reason why you should buy ExtenZe: it’s got a long list of user reviews and customer testimonials. Yes that is important and here’s why: it’s a strong suggestion the product works and helps attest to the brand’s staying power (no pun intended).

When you buy a natural male sex pill, you want to buy from a brand because it’s a promise fulfilled – in this case, for millions of guys who want help in the bedroom. Here is a sample of ExtenZe user reviews:

Extentze Superb Product
My first time trying and using this product since purchasing over a month and so far I felt different as if more improvements plus gaining satisfaction sexually active. What I did to help assist myself continually doing some exercise at 4-5 days per week to get my overall body in good shape physically as also mentally plus blow flow and joints intac


This definitely Extenzes things, your LIFE! You only have to know one person who struggled with prostate cancer to know how important it is to take of your prostate. I used to get up several times a night to go to the bathroom and after consistently taking this product, the number went down to zero trips at night! I’m almost 60 and worry about my sexual health. This works for me. I’ve read some of the reviews obviously left by younger consumers who think there is a magic pill that can make your “little buddy” get bigger…..sad that they are that gullible. If you are serious about sexual health, spend the less than one dollar a day to improve it!

Steven M – Review Source: Amazon.com

I have to get me some more when I get some time I wish you would get it for a low price

Marc Kees – Review Source: Amazon.com

I really love this product works like a charm gives me alot of stamina and energy during sex with my girlfriend. And the sex we have is so incredible

Tairk Cheeks – Review Source: Amazon.com

My SO got this about a week ago, we have been married about 11 years, I know my man.He started getting randomly hard after day 3 of taking this pill, and I Love it . Our sex life feels like we are in our 20’s again.

Shopping Diva – Review Source: Amazon.com

Where to Buy ExtenZe

One of the benefits of ExtenZe is that you can buy it pretty much anywhere. But for several very compelling reasons we recommend you buy ExtenZe right here at LeadingEdgeHealth.com. Here’s why:

#1 – It’s Discreet – You can buy ExtenZe at many physical retail stores. But people will notice. Do you really want the check out clerk eyeing the natural sex pills in your cart – or customers to see them too?

Buy your ExtenZe at Leading Edge Health and you avoid that problem completely.

#2 – It’s Convenient – You can add other products to your cart, like VigRX Oil – also discreetly – while you’re at it.

#3 – You Can Get a Discount – Buy ExtenZe at Leading Edge Health and you can get discount packaging on larger orders.

#4 – You Can Get a 67 Day Money-Back Guarantee – You’ve got 67 days to try ExtenZe and get your money back when you buy it at Leading Edge Health.

#5 – You’ve Got Live Customer Service – You know how annoying it is when you try to get through to a live agent but you’re told to press a million buttons, then end up waiting for an hour? That’s not a problem at Leading Edge Health.. Just call 1-866-269-3487 and you’re quickly connected.

Conclusion: Should You Buy ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is one of the best natural sex pills on the market. The formula works, the dosage is excellent, it’s an extended release liquid gelcap and, most of all, it delivers.

When you buy ExtenZe, you can expect a bigger and harder erections, a rompin’ sex drive and sexual stamina that would put your 20 year-old self to shame.

That’s no small order. But then again, with over a Billion pills sold, this is no small product.

It’s up to you whether you buy ExtenZe. That will likely hinge on your medical background and a nod from your doctor – particularly if you’re currently taking some form of medication.

Then again, millions of guys can’t be wrong. ExtenZe delivers the goods for the vast majority of guys who want bigger erections and more and better sex. It’s up to you whether you buy ExtenZe. Yet, judging by its track record and what it brings to the bedroom, it’s an excellent purchase should you go this route.

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