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Best Hair Loss Treatments For Men Explained

So you’re among the estimated 85% of men who will lose hair[1] at some point and now you’re looking for the best hair loss treatments.

Well, you’ve got choices. If you want the quick version , you can shave your head, try laser combs, get hair transplants and/or try Profollica – a natural hair loss treatment that we sell right here at Leading Edge Health.

You can also do nothing, and let hair loss simply run its course.

Truth be told, there is no universal ‘best hair loss treatment’ for guys as they go through the process of losing their hair. Your best bet is to experiment between the treatments we’ll look at in this article and find the option that works best for you.

Hair Loss Treatments: At a Glance

It can be very stressful to lose your hair. Fortunately, you’ve got options to deal with it. Your hair loss treatments include:

Shave Your Head – This is exactly like it sounds – and for some guys, it works. Think Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (and Steve Austin and King Corbin if you’re a WWE fan like the writer of this article).

Hair Loss Medications – These are available over the counter and with a prescription. Topical hair loss medications tend to preserve existing hair rather than regrowth of what you’ve lost. Some hair loss medications appear to grow new hair, but they also come with side effects that can be downright creepy.

Laser Therapy – Laser therapy as a hair loss treatment is a relatively new technology. Studies are mixed on its efficacy, though it does appear to be safe[2].

Hair Transplants – Hair transplants move hair from a non-balding area (typically the area just above your neck) and transplant it to where it’s needed. Results are permanent, and while they don’t actually grow new hair, they’re a good option for men who really struggle with the concept of going bald.

ProfollicaProfollica is a natural-based hair loss treatment. It helps stabilize hair loss and encourages better hair growth with hair-friendly nutrients, like biotin, millet and Trichogen. The latter is a peptide that reduced hair loss among 90% of men who took it in a clinical trial.

Profollica is a two-part system that consists of a daily supplement, called Profollica Plus, and an activator gel, called the aptly named ‘Profollica Activator Gel’. Profollica also gives you the option of adding a shampoo that helps cleanse the follicles each time you shower. That’s something you’ll definitely want to consider because many traditional shampoos can clog your hair follicles, which can expedite the hair loss process.

With all this put on the table, let’s take a closer look at each of the options we’ve just looked at, and help you find the best hair loss treatment to suit your needs.

Option #1 – Shave Your Head

This is your first hair loss treatment option, and on the right guy, it’s often the best. It’s exactly as it sounds. When you first notice your hair loss, you buy a razor and shave it off.

Once you’ve shaven your head, wear it a little. Take pictures, look in the mirror, hang around town and generally go with this. Then ask your friends and family. Ask some women too. Do they like the look? More importantly, do you like it?

On some guys, a shaved head is the best hair loss treatment. You’ve seen many of them. Cool bald guys include Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Paul De Gelder from Shark Week.

And let’s not forget the baddest man alive, John McClane of Die Hard fame (Yippee Kai Yay Mother…!), who makes terrorists quiver and insurance companies go bankrupt.


  • Cheap Hair Loss Solution
  • Looks Awesome On Some Guys
  • Can Make You Look Like a Bad-Ass


  • Doesn’t Work For All Guys

Of course, some guys rock a shaved head – others don’t. Some men have an egg-shaped head, which is not always well-suited for the aforementioned ‘chrome dome’. Still, it’s worth a shot. Give you head a test shave. Like it? You’re good. Don’t like it? Let’s look at other options.

Costs:  $20+ Per Month

Verdict: Great For Some Guys

Option #2 – Hair Loss Medications

This is another hair loss treatment option you might think about. There are several kinds of hair loss medications, and they’re available both over the counter and with a prescription.

Topical hair loss medications help preserve – or at least, slow down – a receding hair line. Oral hair loss medications are typically designed to inhibit the body from converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is the hormone responsible for the vast majority of male pattern balding[3], or more specifically, a genetic sensitivity to it.

Hair loss medications can slow male pattern balding, and in some cases, oral medications may even lead to new hair growth. However, they’re also linked to a series of side effects[4], including fainting, weakness, high blood pressure and erection problems, which can persist even after you stop using the medication.


  • Can Slow Hair Loss
  • May Grow New Hair
  • Some Non-Prescription Options


  • Can Have Side Effects

Costs: $50+ Per Month

Verdict: We’re not fans of hair loss medications because of the side effects. That being said, some topical hair loss medications may buy you a little time as you decide what your long-term hair loss treatment will be.

Option #3 – Laser Therapy

Laser therapy as a hair loss treatment is a relatively new option. You can do this several ways, from a laser cap worn over your scalp to a laser comb. Studies are mixed on how well this works[5], although the technology appears to be well-tolerated.

That means you likely won’t zap yourself to kingdom-come with laser therapy, but its place among the best hair loss treatments is questionable at best.


  • Potential Moderate Hair Growth
  • Appears to Be Well-Tolerated


  • Moderate Results – If That
  • Can Be Expensive

Costs: $500+

Verdict: We’re not sold on laser therapy for hair loss at this time. That may change at some point in the future, but for now, if you’re looking for the best hair loss treatment, we’d take a pass.

Option #4 – Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are a whole different situation, and one that generally yields good results[6]. Hair transplants are a surgical procedure in which a medical team extracts your follicles from a ‘donor area’ that is generally not vulnerable to hair loss and transplants them to where needed.

For most guys, the donor area is typically the area above the back of the neck.

Hair transplant technology continues to improve. While the first procedures resulted in an uneven ‘doll’s hair’ appearance, today’s hair transplants have developed to the point that surgeons can put more hair in each follicle than previous technology would allow.

The procedure generally lasts around four hours. You’ll be put under an anesthetic before it takes place. Surgeons will then remove a strip of your scalp from the donor area, place tiny holes in the scalp where you’re balding and painstakingly plant grafts of your hair from the donor area in each one.

You’ll then grow new hair in these transplanted follicles from six months to a year after the procedure.

Hair transplants are not a perfect hair loss treatment option. They’re expensive, for one, and can be painful. You may develop a scar from where surgeons take your donor graft (although it will likely be covered in hair, so you probably won’t see it), and they’re better-suited for people with mild to moderate hair loss rather than complete baldness.

You may also need more than one procedure.

Still, hair transplants can give you a fighting chance to get your confidence back. They’re not perfect, but results are usually permanent, and if you’re willing to accept less hair than you previously had, for many guys hair transplants are among the best hair loss treatments for your money.


  • Generally Good Results
  • New Hair is Usually Permanent
  • Technology Continues to Improve


  • Expensive
  • Can Be Painful
  • Not Suited For Wide-Spread Hair Loss
  • You May Need Several Procedures

Costs: $5,000+

Verdict: If you can manage your expectations and have the money to pay for them, hair transplants are a good option for men (and women) with mild to moderate hair loss.

Option #5 – Profollica

Profollica is a natural-based hair loss treatment system. We sell it right here at Leading Edge Health – it’s a two (optional three) part system that helps optimize the scalp and the body for better hair growth with hair-friendly nutrients like biotin, millet and Trichogen that help to unclog hair follicles and tell the body to inhibit hair loss.

We sell Profollica because it’s a natural-based way to fight hair loss. We also like the fact that it fights hair loss from the inside-out. It does this with a daily supplement that helps slow hair loss internally, and with a topical ‘activator’ gel made with an ingredient called Trichogen.

In a clinical trial, Trichogen reportedly helped 90% of volunteers who took it reduce hair loss.

We also like the fact that you can add the Profollica shampoo to your order, which may further help unclog your follicles and optimize your scalp for better hair growth.


  • Effective For Mild to Moderate Hair Loss
  • Natural Hair Loss-Fighting System
  • Fights Hair Loss From the Inside-Out
  • You Don’t Need a Prescription to Buy it
  • Doctor-Approved
  • 67 Day Guarantee


  • May Not Be Effective For Wide-Spread Hair Loss

Cost: $50+ Per Month

Verdict: We feel Profollica is the best hair loss treatment for guys when they first see noticeable hair loss. That’s when your follicles are shrinking, although notably, they’re still alive, and you can keep them going if you take action.

Men with mild to moderate hair loss may also want to think about Profollica to reduce the rate at which they lose hair, and potentially grow some back. Also, men looking for the best hair loss treatment that’s natural should look to Profollica as well.

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What is MY Best Hair Loss Treatment?

If you remember one thing from this article, remember this: when you first see hair loss, deal with it quick. We’ve talked about the best hair loss treatments to think about when that happens. Now, let’s talk strategy.

So, you see hair loss. Now what? Try a test shave. Shave your head – seriously. Now wear it. Take pictures, look in the mirror. Ask your family and friends, and don’t forget to ask women too.

Do they like it, and more importantly, how do you feel about it? If you’re one of the lucky guys who can rock the bald look, congratulations. You just found your best hair loss treatment. You’ll never have to worry about hair loss again, and you’ll look like a bad-ass in the process.

But what if you can’t rock the bald look so well? At this point you may want to think about hair loss medications, either topical or oral. That’s a conversation you’ll want to have with your doctor, and be sure to raise the issue of side effects.

If you would prefer to address hair loss naturally, think about Profollica, which we feel is the best hair loss treatment for most guys in general.

A hair loss medication or supplement buys you time, or it may fix the issue if you’ve just got mild hair loss. For moderate hair loss, think about hair transplants. They’ve come a long way and while they are expensive, results tend to be very satisfying.

Remember, even with the best hair loss treatment, you’re going to have less hair. You need to accept that. Life gets better – and it goes on too. So take a deep breath and make your move. You got this.

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