10 Natural Ways Men Can Increase Low Libido

Does your libido seem like it’s taken an extended vacation? Low libido can sneak up on men. It isn’t uncommon for libido levels to take a nosedive, particularly among older men. 

It’s like having a sports car with an engine that just won’t go, leaving you stuck in neutral as life zooms by. In addition to the standard passage of time, stress, hormonal changes, poor diet, lack of exercise, and relationship issues can all contribute to decreased libido. 

And while it might be tempting to sweep the problem under the rug, ignoring it won’t make it disappear. On the contrary, untreated low libido tends to snowball over time, leading to a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and dwindling desire.

But here’s the good news: there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, we explore the ins and outs of low libido, diving deep into natural libido-boosting strategies that are easy to adopt. We’ve compiled 10 tried-and-true ways to kickstart your libido and reignite that fiery passion. 

From tantalizing foods that awaken the senses to stress-busting exercises that elevate your mood, these holistic approaches can help you get back in the driver’s seat of your sex life.

If you’re ready to leave low libido in the rearview mirror and rev up your engines, read on as we uncover the secrets to reclaiming your mojo the natural way.

What Causes Low Libido?

Low libido, or reduced sexual desire, indicates a decrease in the interest or motivation for sexual activity. While occasional fluctuations in libido are normal, persistent low libido may indicate underlying issues that require attention.

For many men, advancing age brings about changes in sexual desire and function due to decreasing testosterone levels. As the body ages, testosterone production naturally decreases, resulting in:

  • diminished sexual desire,
  • erectile issues, and 
  • reduced overall sexual satisfaction.

Other age-related factors can further intensify low libido in older men, such as declining physical fitness, stress, or fatigue. Additionally, certain medications, chronic health conditions, substance abuse, relationship problems, body image issues, and psychological factors can all impact libido negatively.  (If you suffer from a medical condition that is causing your problems, please consult a physician.) 

What Happens If You Don’t Address Your Decreasing Libido?

Neglecting or ignoring low libido can have far-reaching consequences beyond the bedroom. As communication and emotional connections dwindle, intimate relationships may suffer, leading to dissatisfaction or frustration for both partners.

Persistent frustration may impact mental and emotional well-being, eroding self-esteem and overall quality of life. Ignoring the issue Untreated low libido may exacerbate mental health issues or underlying health conditions.

The lack of sexual activity over time can impact physical health, as blood flow and muscle tone decrease. Promptly addressing persistent low libido is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships and overall well-being.

Once you understand the underlying causes, you can take proactive steps to improve your sexual health and revive your intimate connections.

10 Ways to Boost Libido Naturally

A holistic approach to enhancing libido encompasses various aspects of lifestyle and wellness, from dietary tweaks to ensuring adequate sleep habits.

Here are 10 proven methods to help you turn up the heat and reclaim your sexual vitality.

#1 Improve Your Eating Habits

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential for overall sexual health. A nutritious diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats provides vital nutrients that support cardiovascular health, hormonal balance, and energy levels, which are crucial for optimal sexual function.

Additionally, certain foods are renowned for their libido-boosting properties. Oysters, which possess a high zinc content, support testosterone production. Dark chocolate contains a compound that promotes feelings of arousal and pleasure. Avocados are rich in potassium and healthy fats, which improve circulation and energy levels, enhancing sexual function.

#2 Include Natural Aphrodisiacs in Your Diet

Incorporating aphrodisiac herbs and spices into your diet is an effective way to boost libido1. The libido-enhancing properties of these natural ingredients help increase sexual desire and performance and improve overall sexual function by stimulating circulation, lifting mood, and increasing energy levels.

Ginseng increases nitric oxide levels, promoting blood flow to the genital area and improving sexual function. Saffron improves mood and sexual function, while Maca Root has been used traditionally to enhance male libido and fertility.

#3 Move Your Body

Regular exercise is beneficial for physical and sexual health. Engaging in physical activity helps improve blood circulation, which enhances libido, arousal, and erectile function. Exercise also releases endorphins that promote feelings of pleasure and reduce stress, improving mood and sexual desire.

Here are some recommended exercises that benefit libido:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Strength Training

Cardiovascular workouts improve blood circulation, while strength training helps build muscle mass and boost stamina. Combining both types of exercise can maximize the libido-boosting benefits.

#4 Manage Your Stress

Chronic stress can throw a wrench into your libido, disrupting hormonal balance and suppressing sexual desire. High cortisol levels in the body can affect mood, energy, and overall well-being, further dampening libido. Finding ways to minimize stress is crucial for maintaining a healthy libido.

Stress-reducing techniques can help mitigate the adverse effects of stress on libido. 

To alleviate stress, incorporate one or more of the following:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation 

Prioritizing your mental well-being, setting boundaries, and seeking support from loved ones or counselors can also lower stress and improve libido.

#5 Foster Open Communication

In addition to lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments, fostering intimacy through communication is essential for increasing sexual desire and achieving a satisfying sexual relationship. Effective communication is paramount for creating solid, fulfilling relationships, both emotionally and sexually. Prioritizing open communication allows partners to express their concerns, boundaries, wants, and needs openly. 

Engage in activities that promote intimacy and emotional connection to reignite the passion in the relationship. Share intimate moments through quality time together, physical affection, or meaningful conversations. Cultivate a supporting and loving environment where partners feel comfortable exploring their desires.

#6 Focus on Foreplay

For too many guys, foreplay gets overlooked. But it plays a crucial role in enhancing sexual satisfaction and desire. Skipping foreplay can decrease arousal, leading to less fulfilling sexual experiences. While you can drive a car without warming up the engine, the ride may not be as smooth or enjoyable.

Foreplay helps increase blood flow to erogenous zones, stimulate desire, and build anticipation for sexual activity. By focusing on this crucial first step, couples can enhance sexual pleasure and reduce performance pressure. Take the time to indulge. In many cases, it’s the secret to unlocking sensational sex.

#7 Get Better Sleep

Adequate sleep is vital for maintaining optimal hormonal balance, sexual health, and overall health. Lack of sleep can negatively impact energy levels, cognitive function, and mood, which are essential elements for sexual desire and performance. Sleep deprivation can also disrupt hormone production, particularly testosterone, resulting in decreased libido and sexual function.

Here are some tips to improve your sleep quality:

  • Establish a consistent sleep schedule
  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Stay away from caffeine and electronics before bed
  • Incorporate relaxation techniques (i.e., aromatherapy and meditation)

Optimizing your sleep environment and ensuring a comfortable mattress and bedding are all strategies that can promote better sleep and support libido enhancement.

#8 Quit Smoking and Drinking Excessively

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can significantly impact sexual performance and libido. The nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow throughout the body and impairing erectile function. Alcohol is a depressant that can impair arousal, decrease sensitivity, and dampen sexual desire.

Quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol intake can produce noticeable improvements in libido and sexual health. Consider seeking support or joining a smoking cessation program to cut back or kick your smoking habit. Making small changes can lead to significant improvements in overall well-being.

#9 Supplement Your Diet

Adding proven libido enhancers to your diet can complement other natural strategies to boost libido and sexual function. Many of these sex drive boosters can be taken individually or combined with others for increased benefits.

Here are some effective supplements to support healthy libido:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek
  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)
  • Ginkgo Biloba

When supplementing with libido boosters, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional to ensure compatibility with existing medications or health conditions.

#10 Consider Natural Libido Enhancer Supplements

Natural libido enhancers contain ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to enhance sexual function and libido. Many of these well-known benefits have been extensively studied and proven effective. 

High-quality libido enhancers produced by trustworthy brands combine effective doses of these carefully chosen elements to improve libido and overall sexual function. The herbals, botanicals, amino acids, vitamins, and natural aphrodisiacs support hormonal balance, increase blood flow, or boost testosterone and nitric oxide production. 

Give Your Low Libido a Natural Boost

Low libido can impact intimate relationships, sexual satisfaction, and overall quality of life. Addressing this frustrating phenomenon is necessary to reclaim your sexual vitality. 

Exploring natural approaches to boosting libido, including lifestyle adjustments and sex-drive-enhancing supplements like VigRX Plus, makes it possible to overcome low libido and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.


1.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3731873/ 

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