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Microderm Facial Exfoliator

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  • Sloughs Away Dead Skin Cells
  • Reduces Facial Skin Blemishes
  • Encourages New Skin to Rise to the Surface
  • ​May Reduce Acne Breakouts
  • Enhances Use of Skin Care Products
  • A Refreshing Orange Aroma

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For Bright New Facial Skin

Your skin takes a beating, with toxins, sun exposure and other factors that can clog pores, lead to impurities like age spots, dull skin and scaling.

That's why you'll want to use Microderm Facial Exfoliator – a favorite of Skinception® clients – because it encourages regular turnover of dead skin cells and regenerates facial skin with bright new cells to take their place.

You're not using a chemical peel with Microderm Facial Exfoliator. It's convenient, nonintrusive and allows for better result with the other skincare products in your daily regimen. And it smells like Orange soda...



Five Stars

"Works great!!"


Skinception Microderm Facial Exfoliator

"I like it."


Five Stars

"Wonderful product!"


Unmatched exfoliator

"This is the best exfoliator I've ever used. It has reduced uneven skin tone and tightens pores."



"I love this product. It helps remove dead skin and reduces acne breakouts."

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