Supplementing with Oral Sprays: Should You Make the Switch?

In recent years, oral spray supplements have grown in popularity thanks to technological developments making them viable and their subsequent widespread availability. 

This easy-to-use form of elite dietary supplement offers several advantages that traditional pills, tablets, and powders may not. 

Should you consider making the switch from traditional delivery means to an oral spray?  

That’s a question we’ll answer for you here as we go in-depth on the benefits offered by breakthrough oral spray health supplements. 

What Are Oral Spray Supplements?

Oral spray health supplements are a form of health supplements that are made available in liquid forms. 

They require users to spray each serving into their mouth through a spray nozzle positioned on top of the spray bottle. 

The idea is essentially the same if you’ve ever used a spray mouth freshener. 

However, rather than each spray resulting in minty-fresh breath, each spray should result in improved health outcomes. 

Multiple factors make oral spray health supplements an excellent choice for many users. 

The History Of Oral Spray Supplements 

In our ever-evolving world, the push for inclusivity and convenience with functionality is never-ending. So, why wouldn’t that undying push for progress affect the health supplement industry? 

The truth is that oral spray supplements weren’t really rolled out until just the last few decades, and even still, many health supplements aren’t available in oral sprays. 

That’s because fitting all that nutrient-based power into a spray is difficult and pushes even the best minds in the industry to their breaking point.

However, at some point, health supplement makers realized they had a problem. They had failed to recognize the simple fact that many people detest pills, capsules, and powders. 

Thus, in the mid-1980s, some simple vitamins were made available in oral sprays. By the time the early 2000s rolled around, multiple oral spray health supplements were readily available.  

As the technology continues to progress, we’re seeing more and more oral sprays emerge. 

Yet, most people don’t understand what they are or how they work. 

Are they better than traditional supplements? If so, how? And should I be using an oral spray? 

If you’re curious about the answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll suss it all out for you by discussing the advantages of oral spray supplements. 

Advantage #1—Easy to Use At Your Convenience 

Oral spray supplements are effortless to use. They require no scooping, no measuring, and no preparation whatsoever. 

In fact, all it takes is a few shots directly into your mouth (usually under the tongue), and you’re good to go. 

There may be many days when you find yourself overly busy, constantly on the go, and overwhelmed with the action of your life. 

Understandably, you may forget to take your daily health supplement serving when it requires a large bottle of capsules or powder.

The good news is that oral spray bottles are generally small and easy to carry around. They’ll fit in a purse, gym bag, backpack, or car glove compartment. 

So, if you regularly forget to take your health supplements, oral sprays are simple to use on the go, making them a perfect accessory to a busy life. 

Just use a couple of sprays on your way to pick up the kids, meet with clients, or head into the party. 

Plus, if you hate taking capsules, pills, and powders, oral sprays can alleviate that pain. 

Simply put, oral spray supplements will be the easiest, most convenient form of dietary aid for many users. 

Advantage #2—Fast Absorption & Excellent Bioavailability  

Oral sprays are designed to be quickly absorbed because they completely bypass the corrosive stomach acids and enzymes in your digestive system. 

You see when you use an oral spray supplement, it’s absorbed directly through your mouth’s mucosa (mucus membranes). 

This means the supplement’s vitamins, minerals, and other natural compounds go directly into your bloodstream, promoting significantly faster absorption. 

For this reason, you should notice the benefits of an oral spray quicker than a traditional health supplement. 

Furthermore, an oral spray’s ingredients may demonstrate enhanced bioavailability since no nutrient value will be lost in the digestive tract. 

With greater bioavailability, the bioactive compounds should work more efficiently, so much so that you may begin to feel the rewards in less than a minute. 

If you need an “on-demand” health supplement, an oral spray could be an excellent option. 

The bottom line is oral sprays can provide faster absorption rates for the vital nutrients they deliver. 

Advantage #3—Consistent Servings Each Time 

Oral sprays are made using a water base. 

Nutrients are typically dissolved and added to the water base in optimal servings, providing a highly impressive concentration. 

Good manufacturers also use a high-quality spray nozzle to ensure equally sized releases every time. 

An equally sized release is critical for consistent results. 

This delivery process allows oral sprays to provide the same nutrient makeup every time you push down on the spray nozzle. 

While most high-quality health supplements can provide users with consistent servings, no matter the delivery system, an oral spray system should always deliver identical servings. 

If you’re concerned about getting 100% equally consistent doses each and every time, an oral spray supplement should answer the call. 

The facts are the facts, oral spray solutions are designed in a way that all but guarantees each serving is essentially identical in terms of ingredient makeup. 

Advantage #4—Easy Portability With No Mess 

As mentioned briefly above, oral spray health supplements are easy to transport, offering optimal portability thanks to their diminutive size and cleanliness.

You can take them anywhere, from the gym to the office, beach, or the concert. 

No matter where you go, you can carry your oral spray bottle by simply sliding it into your pocket, handbag, or briefcase. 

They’re seriously that small. 

Excellent portability makes supplementing on the go a breeze. 

And oral sprays are far less messy than powders or oral droppers. So, there’s no need to worry about cleaning up later. 

Have you ever used a powder or dropper and had the misfortune of spilling it, leaving it in your hot car, or having it explode all over your new shirt? 

If so, an oral spray can provide a more portable, less messy option for your supplement needs. 

The bottom line is that oral spray supplements bring elite portability with no mess, making the one-time fantasy dream of ultimate convenience your reality. 

Advantage #5—Customizable To Your Needs 

Perhaps the greatest attribute of oral sprays is that they can be customized to suit your specific needs. 

While traditional health supplements usually require consistent usage, say 2 pills in the morning or 3 capsules before bed, oral sprays typically have no such restrictions. 

Most oral sprays are designed to be taken as needed, making usage feasible whenever you feel the call. 

Depending on the specific supplement, you can choose to use an oral spray for an “added boost” or to play the sidekick role to enhance the effects of another supplement. 

Of course, many oral sprays offer ample benefits all on their own. 

However, as stated above, it’s challenging to pack the same nutrient-based power found in many pills, capsules, and powders into an oral spray. 

Really, it’s just a matter of simple math.  

That being said, oral spray supplements are great for individuals seeking flexibility and customizability. 

It’s safe to say that oral sprays are an excellent option if you’d like a supplement to complement another supplement or one you can use as needed. 

Should You Switch To An Oral Spray?  

Ultimately, the answer to this question is dependent on your specific needs. 

The truth is that oral sprays could be great for one person but less than ideal for another. 

We can say oral spray supplements should provide: 

  • Easy Use 
  • Fast Absorption 
  • Consistent Servings 
  • Easy Portability 
  • Customizability 

That said, most oral spray supplements can’t necessarily match the overall potency of more traditional supplement forms, at least not yet. 

So, a traditional health supplement delivery system may be the better option if you’re looking for top-notch efficiency and powerful outcomes. 

However, it should be noted that oral spray supplements often work as excellent ancillary supplements that can be taken alongside a traditional health supplement. 

For example, if you’re taking a natural hormone-supporting supplement in pill form, an additional hormone-supporting oral spray could help you achieve more remarkable results in less time. 

On days when you forget or simply don’t feel like taking your primary supplement, an oral spray offers you a top-notch fallback option. 

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